How to do a Perfect Skull Crusher Workout?

The skull crusher workout is a separation exercise, which mainly focuses on your back arm muscles. You should add this exercise into your daily schedule to give better strength and definition to your arms. Be that as it may, in particular, you’ll additionally be expanding your muscle mass. This is significant as you age to off-set common muscle misfortune and increment your body’s capacity to consume calories, in any event, when you are at rest. Whether you’re attempting to get in shape or improve your muscle, you should add skull crusher exercise into your regular exercise collection. 

Stepwise Instructions to do this Exercise with Perfection

Stage 1 – Get A Bench 

You need to sit down on your back, getting going on a level seat. You can utilize minor position departure from the middle to stir up the skull crusher exercise and hit your back arm muscles from different points. 

Stage 2 – Get The Position Right 

Start by taking your bar in two hands and sit on the edge of your seat. At that point, lie back on the chair; your feet ought to be solidly on the floor, keep them level all through the exercise. They ought to be by the finish of the seat. Ensure you’re agreeable, and your entire back is on the seat. 

At that point, lift the bar over your head; your arms ought to be straight. It’s essential to be agreeable; however, the best beginning position is to have your hands straightforwardly over your shoulders; your palms should confront your feet. Keep your wrists solid all through the development. Look at the picture beneath for the beginning and end focuses. 

Stage 3 – Lowering The Bar 

You’re prepared to finish the exercise. Gradually drop the bar down to your temple. If you’re intrigued, this is the reason it’s known as a skull crusher. Utilize too substantial weight and boil down too quickly, and you will have cerebral pain. 

Note: To keep the strain on your rear arm muscles, the development should come exclusively from the elbow. You can give different holds a shot the bar, for example, smaller if you wish; however, keep your wrists solid. When the bar contacts your temple, stop for 2-3 seconds. At that point, push it back up to the beginning position. 

That is it! You’ve done your first skull crusher exercise. Pleasant work! 

How to do it with Dumbells? 

You don’t have to put resources into an EZ bar or even a short straight weighted bar. If you, as of now, have a bunch of hand weights, this can be all you require! If you will utilize hand weights, it’s smart to add a fat hold to them. This will make your entire arm work somewhat harder. Crush them as hard as possible all through the exercise. The beginning position is the equivalent of this rendition of the skull crusher exercise. 

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Notwithstanding, you’ll need to conclude whether to have an impartial wrist grasp, where the hand weights are in accordance with your body, and your palms are confronting one another. You can hold the hand weights similar to the free weight, albeit this isn’t, for the most part, as agreeable. Keep your wrists and shoulders stacked as you twist your elbows to cut the hand weights down. They ought to sit one on each side of your head. Keep it moderate, stop for 2-3 seconds prior to pushing them back up. 

Note: If you’re holding the free weights like a free weight, a large portion of the hand weight will delicately contact your temple. You’re probably going to locate that the free weight will sit at a point in this position. Also Read: What are the Benefits of Split Squats?

What number of reps should you be doing in the skull crusher workout? 

You should start the skull crusher exercise with lower loads, as getting the structure right is fundamental to guarantee you acquire the most extreme measure of advantage. Consequently, you can focus on higher reps. Preferably, attempt to finish three arrangements of 8-20 reps with a 1-2 minutes stop between sets. 

Remember that, similarly as with any exercise, it is fitting to rest your muscles for between 24-48 hours between workouts. Mean to add the skull crusher exercise into your schedule all other days. If you’re expecting to assemble muscle perseverance, you might need to attempt three arrangements of 20 reps. In any case, for strength, you’ll need to up the weight and attempt 4-6 arrangements of 4-6 reps. 

Advantages Of Skull crusher workout 

It’s a lot simpler to add any exercise into your day by day schedule if you understand what the advantages are. Look at the greatest advantages of doing the skull crusher exercise: 

Rear arm muscle Strength 

It’s not amazing that an exercise that objectives your rear arm muscles will improve their solidarity! Rear arm muscle strength is fundamental for overhead lifting developments, especially assisting you with keeping up dependability all through your upper arms and shoulder support. Doing this will give your arms a better definition, reinforce them, and even decrease wear on your elbow joint. 

Lockout Strength 

Lockout execution is something that most competitors are worried about. In actuality, it is just the capacity to hold a weight or position. Your rear arm muscles are a fundamental piece of most squeezing exercises; improving your lockout capacity will improve your lifting capacity in most different exercises. 

Sound Elbows 

Your elbows are a significant piece of your body. They give great arm development and guarantee that you are strong. Feeble joints lead to torment and versatility issues. Fortifying your rear arm muscles will likewise lessen the heap on your ligaments, joints, and tendons. So, doing the skull crusher exercise will lessen the strain and possibility of injury in your elbows and other arm tissues. 

The Look 

If you’re keen on looks instead of shedding pounds or getting better, at that point, it might intrigue you to realize that the rear arm muscles are really 66% of the arm measurements. Through exercises like the skull crusher, committing work on the rear arm muscles will give you extraordinary looking arms! 

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Blending It Up: Possible Variations 

The most well-known ways to deal with the skull crusher exercise are with the EZ bar or free weights. Notwithstanding, this isn’t the lone alternative accessible to you. Have a go at stirring up your exercises by embeddings these varieties into your routine as well. It will assist you with keeping the routine shifted and fascinating. 

Decay Bench 

You can utilize the EZ bar, short weighted free weight, or free weights with this variation. Basically, decrease the seat with the goal that your head bends towards the ground. The exercise is complete, yet, with the more noteworthy point of the seat, the greater the stretch on the rear arm muscles. This will assist with guaranteeing your muscles are lean from all points. 

Close Grip 

Rather than embracing the norm, shoulder-width grasp on the hand weight, acquire your arms nearer and ensure your elbows are lean completely into your sides. 

Seat Dips 

As an option in contrast to the skull crusher workout, you can likewise perform plunges. These can be complete on rings, bars, or whatever other gear that underpins your weight. Just handle the bar or seat with your hands, with your back towards the seat. At that point, lower yourself downwards. Your weight up to your arms and your rear arm muscles need to buckle down to move back upwards. This choice needn’t bother with any free weights; it essentially utilizes your body weight. 

Overhead Extension 

This is another exercise that will work your rear arm muscles, yet you’ll some gear in the rec center to assist you with hitting the nail on the head. It includes your arms being behind your head at that point, pushing them upwards until you keep your arms fix. You additionally need to press the holds hard all through the whole exercise. 

Few Extra Tips about Skull crusher Workout 

Here are a couple of additional tips to help guarantee you get the skull crusher exercise right and expand the advantage of this phenomenal option to your daily schedule. 

  • The skull crusher exercise is an extraordinary expansion to the furthest limit of an exercise. The explanation is basic; you don’t have to go over the edge on your weight; it’s about the legitimate structure. Thus, in any event, when you’re beginning to tire from an exercise, you’ll have the option to profit from this exercise. 
  • It is imperative to ensure the development comes from the elbow. That will guarantee the skull crusher exercise focuses on your rear arm muscles and not your lats or some other muscle gathering. 
  • Set your objectives. Similarly, as with anything, you need to set up an objective. For this situation, it will be the weight you might want to lift. You would then begin at a low weight and focus on structure, step by step, expanding the load until you hit your objective. 


This was all about the skull crusher workout. You need to do it very carefully if you are planning to start. Because if done wrong, it can harm your inner muscles and cause you a severe injury. You need to keep calm while doing this exercise. I hope this was helpful to you. Good luck with your muscle-building journey.