Here Is The Top 10 List Of Best Watch Brands: Care For Your Good Investments

Are watches just accessories? No, they are not! They represent yourself being your identity, even though they are a time-telling tool. Because of this reason, watches are one of the essential accessories in history. But most people often find it hard to choose the best watch brand for them according to their personality because they don’t have ideas about choosing the best watch brand that looks luxurious. Therefore, today, we have prepared the top 10 list of best watch brands for you. So, you can decide which brand’s watch is made for you. This list will make you feel luxurious if you select a wristwatch from this list as your accessory. 

Things You Should Know About Watches:

Before I take you to the journey of the top 10 list of best watch brands that you can buy online, let me clear that all watches have a unique identity. They are all not equal. Companies combine style, aesthetics, luxury looks, and time showing machine together to give you the best product. You may be wondering why luxury brands like Rolex are so famous among watch enthusiasts. The reason is the same we discussed, a combination of all the different features and aesthetics. Thus, companies focus on creating a sophisticated design with precision and accuracy in the timing, dimensions, and finishing of the body. We will discuss ten watch brands other than the example.

What Are Top 10 Watch Brands For You?

I have said that I will guide you through a list of the top 10 luxury brands of watches. Here is our list of 10 best watch brands. Patek Philippe, IWC Schaffhausen, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, Omega, Louis Moinet, Corum, Hublot, Roger Dubuis, and Seiko.

Are These Luxury Watches Your Good Investment?

Sometimes, watch enthusiasts often get confused if they have made the right choice or not, especially when they bought a luxury watch. It happens because these watches cost them high, and there are numerous options to buy. But all luxury watches are better than your good investment. Let me give you some of the reasons why I should say that.

  • They increase self-value over time.
  • Models with limited pieces, rarely available, and limited runs increase their value as time passes.
  • Collectors of vintage items are willing to pay higher rates for the collection of vintage watches. 
  • Luxury watches can become family heirloom because they have sentimental values.
  • It can pay off back in the future if you invest your money to buy luxury watches in the present. 
  • Once you buy a luxury watch, you look and feel stylish, attractive, and respectful when you spot it in public places.

Here Is The Top 10 List Of Best Watch Brands:

Now. If you have understood that luxury watches are the best investments, you can buy any one of the luxury watches for yourself. Let me give you a brief introduction to all the wristwatches that I have listed above.

  • Patek Philippe:

Patek Philippe & Co is a Swiss brand founded in 1851, and its watches have complicated mechanics and traditional styling. The royal people have been wearing these watches throughout history. These watches are impressively classic, unique, and luxury items, having a distinctive signature style. Thus brands use to market and promote their products through campaigns.

  • IWC Schaffhausen:

This company had established in 1868 and has specialized in premium Swiss watches. They combined precision engineering and exclusive design to produce a classic shape from superior material. This brand focused on making watches having industry standards that also respond to environmental changes.

  • Jaeger-LeCoultre:

It is also a luxury Swiss watch brand that features timepieces having boasting faces and unique and complicated detailing. This brand has visions to provide innovative and unique watches since 1833. You can wear these watches repeatedly, as the classic elements of these watches add value to your personality.

  • Cartier:

If you want to buy one of the most iconic watches having jewelry, this brand is waiting for you. Most celebrities and have used these watches because of their this brand’s popularity. It was founded in 1847 in Paris, France. It produces watches having distinguished and classic distinction. The products are made up of high-end materials and typical roman numerals to give them luxury looks. You will find these watches worthy and better investments for your future.

  • Omega:

This influencing Swiss watch brand has earned its stripes throughout the historical work. This brand is only famous for producing luxury watches. You must know that Omega watches were elected as official timekeepers for the combat units by Britain’s Royal Flying Corps in 1917.

  • Louis Moinet:

Louis Moinet was the inventor of the chronograph. He wasn’t only a chronograph but was also a horologist, painter, and sculptor. The founder and creative director of the brand, Louis Moinet, Jean-Marie, Schaller revived Louis Moinet’s name. It is Switzerland’s brand having pride in itself to incorporate materials and innovative technology to make watches.

  • Corum:

Corum or Montre Corum Sarl is also a luxury watch brand. It has specialization to create bold designs and reliable mechanics. It ranges from fantastic mid-range design to stunning limited edition styles. If you are a regular gent that appreciates watches and enjoy wearing them, or if you are an enthusiast in the watch collection, you will find this brand’s wristwatch exclusive.

  • Hublot:

It is the last but not list brand in the top 10 list of best watch brands. This brand is not that old enough compared to the above-discussed watch brands. Thus, most users think it is less impressive because it had founded in 1980. Apart from this, this brand became one of the most prestigious names in the watch industry. The brand had an award-winning collection of different watches and still produces luxury watches.

  • Roger Dubuis:

This brand combines avant-garde style and intricate Swiss mechanics to carve out an impressive collection of luxury watches and is one of the talented watchmakers and producing watches since the 90s. You will feel luxury if you prefer buying watches of this brand. It is the reason why I have included this watch brand in the list of top 10 watch brands.

  • Seiko:

Seiko is a Japanese brand founded in 1881 in Tokyo and incorporated in 1917. If you wish to buy a product from one of the well-known brands for its functions, precision, and accuracy, this brand welcomes you. This brand evolved over the years and expanded into eyewear, jewelry, and interestingly enough expanded.

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Pro Tips To Select And Wear Your Luxury Watch:

Now. You know buying luxury watches is an investment, and you have understood which are the best watch brands. You must now understand how to choose and wear your wristwatches.

Pickup The Right Watch:

You have to choose the right style of your watch according to the occasion. For example, if you wear a suit, you can select a slimline dress watch. With casual outfits, you can choose sports, field, or diving watches. But all men don’t have a big collection of watches. Thus, they can select appropriate watches as per the comfort.

How To Wear Your Watch?

In general, most men prefer to wear watches on the non-dominant hand. It reduces the risks of damage and bangs to the wristwatch. But it depends on individuals, and you can prefer any of the wrists to wear your watch.

Wear Watch With Dress Shirt:

If you are going for an interview, dinner, or even for your marriage, you want to make sure your accessories add value to your appearance. You can choose a slim profile dress watch that suits the occasion.

Watches & Short Sleeve Shirt:

If you have worn a short sleeve shirt, it is the best time to wear a watch to have a better personality. It will make sure you are a better personality and increases your confidence.

Learn How To Care Your Luxury Watches:

Buy and wear your watches is different from caring for the wristwatch. You should know how to take care of your luxury watches to maintain their cool appearance and quality.

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You have to clean your watches regularly and proactively. It saves your wristwatch from daily dirt and protects it from wearing out.

Limit The Sun Exposure:

The sun may damage your watch like it can damage anything. The heat can decrease life and affect the colors. Similarly, you can avoid chemicals to keep them safe. 

Water Resistant:

Your watch should be water-resistant because most brands these days make water-resistant watches. Still, you can avoid contact with water.

Get It Serviced:

The brand, quality, and cost don’t matter, but what matters is that you get it serviced. It needs regular services to last long.

Keep Watch Box Safe:

It is a place where you keep your watch most of the time. If you keep your watch box protected, it can safeguard it too.

Distance From Magnet:

Watches contain timekeeping mechanisms. If you keep your wristwatch in contact with the magnet, it may affect the time accuracy.

Final Thoughts:

Did you understand how watches are an investment for you? If you got enough knowledge through this top 10 list of best watch brands, let us know about your favorite watch brands. You can keep in mind all the above-discussed points about caring for your luxury watches to make sure it always looks pretty good and cool luxury accessories.