What Is Synchrony Mattress Firm? Know-How This Collaboration Helps You

If you are here to read about synchrony Mattress Firm, you probably have no idea that it is not a single unit functioning. It is a collaboration helping customers. Therefore, I will share some important facts about this collaboration in this article. I will also share details of the functionality of both these organizations. Thus, if you want to gather the correct information about synchrony and Mattress Firm, go through this article thoroughly, and know how it can help you or if it is helpful to you or not. So, without getting delayed, let’s begin with this article and make you knowledgeable. 

What Is Synchrony Mattress Firm?

SYF or Synchrony Financial has recently revealed that they have renewed their collaboration with the leading specialty Mattress Retailer Firm of America. It means that Synchrony and Mattress Firm have tied up and made a partnership back in 2015. That’s why it is known as Synchrony Mattress Firm. The aim was to offer or provide a private label credit card program to help customers of Mattress Firm and its family brands. 

Is This Collaboration Beneficial?

The customers of Mattress Firm can avail several benefits of the financial programs and solutions run by Synchrony Financial after the extension of this collaboration. It is possible while purchasing the items through the online store and 2,400 offline stores across the United States.

What Does This Collaboration Do?

Synchrony Financial can strive to enhance the transaction journey of the customers of Mattress Firm. It could be possible because of this collaboration, and it does it through the assistance of digital tools, analytics, and many more. It could bring a hassle-free experience for customers. If you are one of their eligible cardholders, you can take all benefits of special financing, online, and mobile account management.

Synchrony Financial has undertaken a series of acquisitions and renewal of various alliances with several payment solutions partners. It helped this company enhancing the digital capabilities. The company has focused on creating a great digital arm, intending to ease financing at the point of their sale. It could increase the purchasing power of customers because they can use this credit anytime they want. 

It could be possible because synchrony Mattress Firm intensified and differentiated their focus on the customers. Therefore, it offers safer and secured shopping at all stages of the purchase to its customers. Thus, it is a must and worth mentioning that the enhanced payment and financing solutions of Synchrony Financial have made it a preferred choice for prospects to provide a seamless customer experience. 

Facts About Synchrony & Mattress Firm:

I have already mentioned that it is a collaboration between these two companies. Therefore, it is a must to share a brief introduction about both these companies so that you can clearly understand its benefits.

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Synchrony Financial:

SYF or Synchrony Financial is a consumer financial services company, which is a premier company. It focused on delivering customized financial programs for various industries like auto, health, retail, travel, and home. Additionally, this financial company provides and award-winning consumer banking products. It has more than 75.5 million active accounts having more than 149 billion$ in sales financed. Synchrony Financial company has brought better industry expertise, innovative solutions, differentiated digital experiences, and actionable data insights. The aim to improve the growth of each business by providing a quality of life.

Synchrony Financial has been one of the leading consumer financial services companies operating for 88 years in retail heritage. It comes with significant private label credit cards in the United States, as the consumer finance business, and covers payment solutions, retail cards, and CareCredit. It offers the users FDIC-insured savings products directly as well as online. 

A Detailed Explanation Of What Synchrony Financial Offers:

Here I have explained all the services offered by Synchrony Financial company. You can also visit their official site to learn and know more about their services and offers. Here is the direct link to visit Synchrony Financial company. Link:- https://www.synchrony.com/

Payment Solutions:

Synchrony Financial offers various promotional financing for major consumer purchases. The private label credit card and financing programs offered by it offer various participations like dealers, manufacturers, retailers, industry associations, and buying groups across many markets.

It works with various partners of electronics and appliances, automotive, flooring and furnishings, jewelry, home specialty, and power equipment or sports.


While considering Synchrony Mattress Firm, you get benefited from this service. It is a provider of promotional finances to customers using health, wellness, and personal care credit cards at health-focused retailers and healthcare practices like vision, cosmetic, veterinary, dental, aesthetic spas, ancillary services, and medical specialists. Here are bullet points to remember about this. 

More than 240,000 provider and health-focused retailer locations accept this service.

Synchrony Financial has made successful relations with 120+ professionals and associations. It includes American Dental Association, American Medical Association, and others. It also works with several state dental and veterinary associations, manufacturers, and buying groups. They promote and endorse its members.

Retail Cards:

At Synchrony Financial, you get private label Credit Cards, Dual Cards, and Business Credit Products to all sizes of businesses ranging from National Retailers to Main Street Mainstays. The loyalty programs and tailored credit cards will engage customers when and where they do shop-in-store, online, and through mobile, and it will add the values with targeted offers and features. Here are bullet points.

  • They have made agreements with regional and national retailers.
  • They provide patented dual credit cards having functions same as private label credit cards. It is possible when customers use them to purchase goods and services from the partnered retailers.
  • At present, you can issue one dual card to use on the visa or MasterCard Networks. They can also provide dual cards to use on the American Express and Discovery Networks.
Synchrony Bank:

Synchrony Bank has extended the credit. It offers various savings products featuring award-winning rates and safety of FDIC insurances. 

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Mattress Firm:

Mattress Firm is one of the top leading mattress retailers in America. You can find their physical stores and online stores. Online stores by mattress and related things allow you to create your customer profile and locate your location. You can also locate their stores using a store locator. From their online store, you can order your item, track your shipping, select financial options, call them, and many more things that you can do there. 

Things Offered By Mattress Firm:

Mattress Firm is a retailer company to provide its customers better sleep and comfort through various types of mattress and related things. Here is the whole list of categories that Mattress Firm offers its customers.

  • Mattresses
  • Baby & Kids
  • Pillows
  • Beds & Frames
  • Bedding
  • Sleep Tips 
  • Sale

You can choose and buy mattresses from Mattress Firm according to your comfort, budget, preferred size, favorite brands, and the desired type of Comfortable Mattress.

Baby & Kids:

You can buy various types of kids’ comfort products like a crib and toddler mattress, crib and toddler bedding, crib and toddler bassinets, kids furniture, and storage organizations.


You can buy all types of pillows and pillows-related items. It includes latex pillows, pillowcases, memory foam pillows, down pillows, and cooling pillows. Each category has unique and comfortable pillows.

Beds & Frames:

You will find an adjustable bed shopping guide and beds and frames shopping guide for various beds and frames like box spring, adjustable bases, bed frames, bed sets and headboards, and pet beds and accessories. 


There is a bedding shipping guide to choose the right bedding for your beds. You can buy pillowcases, comforters, mattress toppers, crib mattress protectors and linens, mattress and pillow protectors, and bed sheets and lines.

Sleep Tips:

Mattress Firm gives trustworthy and meaningful sleep tips that you can use to buy the appropriate product for comfortable sleep. It includes a guide for the best beds for back pain, best mattresses under $1000, best beds for sleep position, and bed in a box comparison. 


Mattress Firm brings exciting and attractive sales from time to time to help their customers by comfortable products at cheaper rates through their marketing campaigns. You can find current promotions, clearance, categories on sale, and brands on sale. Navigating their official site through this link will help you grab the opportunity to take benefits of their sale. Link:- https://www.mattressfirm.com/

Customer Point Of View About Synchrony Mattress Firm:

You must buy a mattress from Mattress Firm by financing it instead of paying cash. You can use Mattress Firm to do a loan, and it will open your Synchrony Bank Account. But users and customers should do enough research and understand everything about financial stuff to prevent inconveniences.

Final Thoughts:

Did you find this tutorial informative and helpful to understand everything about synchrony Mattress Firm? I have covered almost all the essential things to know about this financial collaboration between Synchrony Financial Company and Retailer Mattress Firm. If you have decided to finance your mattress or related items by doing a loan, you should do proper research to avoid future inconveniences.