What Are The Correct Hilton Friends And Family Rates? Know What Is Hilton TMPT Program

You might have heard of Hilton Employee Discount. But, in addition to it, Hilton has offered Hilton friends and family rates. It is what you can call the best thing for your friends and family while considering a travel program. Therefore, in this article, I will be your guide to Hilton family and friends rates, how it works, what you should know about these rates, to know about the Hilton TMPT Program, how it benefits the employees, and frequently asked questions. Using this information as a sole about Hilton, you will understand and know all possible things and facts about Hilton. I will also guide you about how to book your rooms. So, let’s start with Hilton’s family and friends.

What Is Hilton Team Members Travel Program?

It is a must to understand Hilton TMTP to a better understanding of the Hilton friends family program. Hilton has launched two programs to give rewards to its employees. The first is the Hilton team members’ travel program, and another is Hilton friends & family. It started these programs in April 2018 to include expanded parental leave benefits for hourly employees and salaried employees. It has also launched a program offering discounted hotel stays to those employees. This program is Go Hilton that had replaced a cumbersome system where workers had to request to managers. Now, it had an online reservation portal that has set aside unoccupied rooms for all team members. It made Hilton the following.

  • It’s the second-best workplace in the world.
  • It’s on the top of the fortune companies in the United States to work.
  • It’s in 33rd position in the list of 100 best fortune companies in the world in 2018.
  • It’s on the list of the world’s most reputable companies of 2018 in Forbes.
  • According to Glassdoor, it’s the 41st best place to work.

What Are Hilton Friends And Family Discount And How It Works?

In simple words, Hilton has run a program where it gives 50% off of the best available rates for family and friends. If you are one of the Hilton team members, you have to associate with the Hilton honors account with your family and friends. It is to be eligible for the bookings under this program. It is a program run by Hilton to give rewards to its employees, and you require an active Hilton honors account to get Hilton friends and family discounted rates. You need one approved account that anyone of the team members had approved. 

You Should Know Following About Hilton Family And Friends:

  • Your Hilton honors number and the name have to be the same as you have kept on your account. Otherwise, the team member will not approve it.
  • If your family members or friends don’t have one Hilton honors account, they have to sign up for this link to create a new account. Link:- hiltonhonors.com/join.
  • Once the account is created and you have added them as family members or friends, or team members, you can book family and friends rates on Go Hilton’s official website.
  • Your approved friends and family members can book up to two friends and family rate rooms per hotel. You can stay up to seven consecutive nights. 
  • It is always true that using Go Hilton Friends And Family Rate will save your money spend on hotel booking. But you require to know Hilton employees to get the discounted bookings. 
  • A few hotel companies use to issue a generic code for family and friends to use. But Hilton has become savvy to ensure that everyone follows its procedure from the beginning while considering the employee benefits. 
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What Is Discount For Hilton Family And Friends?

  • The official Hilton family and friends rate is 50% off for the (BAR) Best Available Rate or Flexible Rate. It the lowest rate advertised and subject to the standards of hotels and cancellation policies. 
  • The Family & Friends rate is 50% off the Best Available Rate (BAR) / Flexible Rate. And the BAR /Flexible Rate is the lowest advertised rate, but it is subject to the hotel’s standard cancellation policy. 
  • Your team members also get discounts while dining on the properties. They didn’t tie up this discount with the room rates. But Hilton gives this discount to team members, like 50% off on foods and beverages on that property.
  • You should check one small caveat before you try for that 50% off on foods and beverages. It is only applicable to restaurants of that same management or hotel. If it is not under the same manager, you may have to pay whole rates. Thus, double-checking is a must to save your money.

Who Is Eligible Participant For Hilton Family And Friends?

It is essential to know that if you are eligible for this or not. So, here I have explored who can avail of this benefit. 

Current Hilton Team Members:

Hilton TMPT is an award program used to give rewards to Hilton employees. So they can book hotel rooms at discounted rates, but all hotels should be Hilton hotels. They kept this program open for everyone who has regular full-time and part-time employment if Hilton worldwide or one of the subsidiaries. You require to sign up to participate in this program. Here is what you should consider for Hilton team members.

  • You can use only this program for leisure travel.
  • It doesn’t allow you to book your stay at the property where you are one of its employees. 
  • A maximum of 100 nights is available for you to book rooms at discounted rates. 
For Family And Friends Of Current Employees:
  • They must have approval from a Hilton team member who has registered with TMTP.
  • They must have a membership of Hilton honors.
Ex-employee Having Lengthy Service Periods:

Go Hilton is also applicable for team members having a long service period that left the Hilton company or the properties are eligible to access the discounts. Here is what you should consider for team members.

  • If you have been working for 20 or more than 20 years, you can take up to 30 room nights per year. It also applies to the current team members. 
  • Team members having 10 to 20 years of services have access to 70 room nights per year.
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Things That Eligible Participants Have To Consider:

  • They have to be present for the hotel stays to utilize those rates.
  • It doesn’t apply to their friends and families because they need Hilton honors to account before signing in to book rooms through the Go Hilton website. 
  • It applies all standards of Go Hilton Books Rules & Conditions.

What Are The Restrictions Applied To TMTP & Friends And Family?

There is no doubt that both these programs are for employee’s benefits. But they are subject to a single combined cap for all members. Thus, it has some basic restrictions.

  • It allows a maximum of 30 room stays per year for team member rates.
  • It allows a maximum of 70 room stays for family & friends rates.

Benefits Of Go Hilton Program:

  • Go Hilton has many benefits to employees who work as team members in team Hilton and their friends and family members.
  • Hilton itself gives meaningful career and well-being competitive salaries. 
  • It provides an exciting feature of Honor Elite Status and Honors Points. You can upgrade and earn those points to get more discounts.
  • You can take many benefits related to accommodation. It can be up to 50% off on the Best Available Rate.
  • You can book rooms directly through a dedicated online portal. You don’t even need the involvement of the team members.
  • You can take a maximum of 50% discount on foods and beverages while considering your meals at the restaurants managed by the same management.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hilton Friends And Family & TMTP:

I will now list below a few frequently asked questions to make you more knowledgeable about them.

Can You Book Rooms For Someone Else?

You can book rooms for others by calling Hilton Honors at 800-446-6677. You can also book rooms online by adding the names of your guests.

How To Avail Discounts At Hilton?

You can check and apply for discounts if you have a membership of AAA, CAA, and AARP or you’re a senior.

What Is Meant By Hilton Dream Away Rates?

The Hilton dream away rates will provide a discount off of the hotel’s Flexible Rate. It is up to 30% off all over America, up to 30% off in APAC, and 15% off in EMEA.

How To Add Family & Friends To Hilton Honors?

They must have Hilton honors account created through www.joinhonors.com.

Can Hotel Employees have Free Rooms?

If you have completed 12 months at Hyatt, you get 12 nights per year, and if you have completed six months, you get six free rooms.

Final Thoughts:

Did you understand what are Hilton friends and family rates? If you had doubts about Hilton TMTP and friends & family programs, I hope they are cleared. You can take maximum benefits for you as an employee at Hilton and for your friends and family to get discounted night stays and foods or beverages.