What makes Hot Weather OCP Combat Uniform valuable?

If you are a fan of the Army and feel proud just by looking at the army uniform, you must have heard about the hot weather OCP. Being an Army is the most challenging thing; they can not move themselves whether it is too hot or too cold. Weather can not let them change their position. They stand there to protect their country. That’s why hot weather OCPs are available, which saves them from extremely hot weather. It cools down the temperature from inside. Engineers are working hard each day to make these wearing items more comfortable. They are continuously updating this. This post will know about all the OCP items and how they are useful to the Army in combat.

What is a hot weather OCP combat uniform? 

The Tru-Spec Army Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform IHWCU 57/43 NYCO Ripstop Coat (Scorpion OCP) gives warfighters a choice regarding having a uniform intended to permit warriors to direct their main goal in a very hot or wet climate. 

Hot Weather OCP Combat Uniforms 

In 2020, a hot-weather OCP uniform plan was finished for wear in amazingly hot or wet conditions. Produced using a 57/43 nylon-cotton mix, the improved hot weather combat uniform (IHWCU) is a milder, lighter, more breathable texture than the first uniform. Its design is in such a way to dry rapidly and perform better in the warmth. There are other eminent differences, including smoothed-out payload pockets, button-fold conclusion shoulder pockets, and most recognizably, the shortfall of chest pockets. Uniform authorities concluded the plan after broad examination and post-combat input from warriors. 

OCP Coats

You can perceive the endorsed OCP uniform coat not just from its Scorpion OCP design in tough ripstop texture yet besides through particular highlights. Direct criticism from post-combat reviews roused development refreshes. Noting the interest for more stockpiling and fixed space, the upper-sleeve pocket is full-inch longer than past uniform coats. To finish it off, a crease-down collar gives a perfect, customary appearance. With the OCP coat, commandants can approve sleeves to move up, so it’s a smart thought to figure out how to roll your uniform sleeves. However, sleeves should stay obvious, and the sleeve should rest inside 1 inch of the lower arm when the arm angle is 90 degrees. 

Each component on OCP uniform jeans has been insightfully intended to upgrade execution in operational settings, from the ripstop Scorpion OCP cover texture to the bounty of capacity. Built-up knees, tear-safe texture, and military-grade sewing guarantee these pants will withstand whatever you toss at them. Search for the quiet catch conclusion pockets, an overhaul from loud, cover-blowing Velcro pockets on past combat uniforms. Besides, a conventional catch fly copies the incredible fight dres’s uniform while advancing a perfect, proficient appearance. 

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OCP Name Tapes and Insignia 

The string shade of name tapes, rank, and American banner patches are specific to every military branch using the uniform: dark for Army officers, flavor earthy colored for Air Force, and blue for Space Force administration. These can be either Velcro or sewn on—notwithstanding, they should all be appended similarly. Pilots and Space Force individuals may buy name tapes with hyphens and emphasize imprints to precisely mirror their names’ spelling. Both Army and Air Force utilized similar fix setups with officials and enrolled both wearing position symbols in their chests. 

Aviators presently don’t wear their rank symbol on their sleeves or collars. Aviators additionally now have their keep going names on the rear of their watch covers. For the Air Force, the change to OCP likewise brings a “sleeve trade.” The unit fix is presently on the correct sleeve alongside the U.S. banner, and the higher central command fix moves to one side sleeve. To build the perceivability of their rank emblem, identifications, and names, the Air Force and Space Force veered off from the Army’s seven-shading OCP patches. Aviators and gatekeepers utilize a more neat three-shading patch that expands meaningfulness without sacrificing their uniforms’ general capacity. 

OCP Uniform Boots 

Dull, stain-covering up and more compelling at disguise than the lighter desert tan boots, coyote earthy colored boots were received related to the declaration of the new OCP uniforms. Both Army and Air Force OCP boots should be in the endorsed, hazier colorway, just as eight inches high with leather upper and full-elastic outsole. To consent to AR 670-1, officers’ boots can’t have a security toe or side zipper. In contrast to the Army, the Air Force AFI 36-2903 guideline considers both a wellbeing toe and a side zipper. Bosses have the last say on which boots can and can’t be in the legs. Become familiar with how to pick military boots. Shop OCP Uniform Boots 

Boot blousing is a vital part of the OCP uniform (and is frequently required). Blousing gives a perfect, proficient look and forestalls residue, coarseness, and creepy crawlies from entering your boots. Some uniform jeans styles accompany blousing ties, yet you can likewise buy blousing groups independently to make the interaction simpler. Our video on the most proficient method to shirt military boots will help you amazing your blousing strategy. 

OCP Uniform Combat Shirts 

In 2015, the Army refreshed the combat shirt to harmonize with the change to OCP uniforms. The new form, known as Combat Shirt Type II, flaunts more disguise inclusion on the sides and chest. Shop OCP Uniform Combat Shirts 

OCP Uniform T-Shirts 

The operational cover design is more obscure than past combat designs and requires a correlative base layer. The Army selected a tan 499 shirt, which is marginally hazier than the past sand shirts. The Air Force requires a considerably more obscure coyote earthy-colored shirt. Both branch guidelines require a group neck, short-sleeve style. 

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Frequently Asked Questions related to OCP

Is Army OCPS obligatory? 

In 2015, the U.S. Army authoritatively received the Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform. Before long, the Air Force and Space Force took action accordingly and made OCPs compulsory. Our assortment of Scorpion OCP uniform wear incorporates coats, pants, and watch covers that get the most together to-date branch guidelines. 

What’s The difference between an army uniform and a hot weather uniform? 

This is one early model of one of the Army’s freshest things, the Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform. The principal difference is the absence of front pockets. (Army) Some early testing added a “sew burden” or wicking material to the pant midsection band’s rear.

Would I be able to wear my green wool or Universal Camouflage Pattern chilly climate gear with the OCP? 

Indeed. There is no necessity for gave Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE, for example, Wet Weather stuff and Extended Cold Weather Clothing systems (ECWCS), to be of a similar cover design to the uniform worn. Wear direction for OCIE is set up by the responsible order, and all things that have permission to wear as per privately settled strategies paying little heed to disguise design. 

I was given Mountain Boots at RFI. Are these approved for wear with the OCP uniform? 

Yes, Commandant may approve the wear of the mountain combat boots at RFI for wear with OEF-CP and OCP. The Mountain Combat Boots won’t show up once unserviceable. Officers are needed to obtain the required amount of apparel sack boots that are IAW DA PAM 670-1. 

Am I permitted to sew my name tape, U.S. Army tape, rank, and identifications on the OCP uniform? 

Yes, Officers are allowed to sew the name tape, U.S. Army tape, rank, and all approved identifications on all disguise examples of the combat uniform, UCP, OEF-CP, and OCP. If worn, identifications should be completely fine or all nailed to; Soldiers are not approved for blending sew-on identifications with the nail to labels. When staff sews on identifications, the accompanying must likewise be sewn on the combat uniform coat: name tape, U.S. Army tape, and grade emblem. If a nametape, U.S. Army tape, or evaluation emblem is sewn on, at that point, the workforce should sew every one of the three of these things on the uniform coat. This necessity doesn’t matter to the watch cap. If Soldiers decide to sew on U.S. Army name tape, rank, or approved ability identifications, it will be at their own cost.


At the beginning of the post, we told you that you would love this post if you are an Army fan. We have explained everything about the improved hot weather OCP uniforms and how they are useful in combat. You must be excited to know that all these uniforms are available on the official military website. So, if you want to purchase it and feel the patriotism in your blood, nothing will stop you. You may place your order for the same. Wearing an army uniform is a completely different experience. You automatically start to feel blessed and strong; this is the power in that uniform. We hope this article was able to share some helpful information with you. Thanks!