Why Mizuno Running Shoes Are Runners Favorite And How To Choose A Perfect Pair?

Are you beginning to run? Or you might be a fit runner and professional that needs a perfect pair of running shoes. No matter if you are a beginner or athlete runner, you need the best running partners to help you never tire. In this guide tutorial, I will make you knowledgeable about why Mizuno running shoes are some of the favorite running shoes for beginners and experienced runners and how to choose the best available shoes suitable to your requirements so that you can buy a perfect pair of shoes and start or continue running today. Let us begin with this tutorial.

Mizuno Running Shoes For Runners:

Mizuno was established as the major player for running shoes in the 1980s. At that time, Mizuno had released the RunBird line of shoes in America. It also debuted with the new logo. However, Mizuno’s products are still on the list of best shoes for everyone. At the time of release, RunBird led some products in the 80s and had an Air Genova ST featuring a precursor to this company’s wave plate. It inserts helping the midsoles of shoes to absorb the force of impacts that arises, and it also supports the foot. During that period, this technology was suitable and a significant leap forward. Mostly in helping runners to avoid injuries from hard impacts.

Mizuno’s Way To Ultimate Speed Shoes:

After building the supportive technology for shoes, Mizuno started making the ultimate speed shoes. These shoes resulted in the Racing Star 100 in 1988. It happened in 1988, and then they designed these shoes to be lightweight with high flexibility. This design had featured 462 different spike layouts to ensure that athletes can match it with their feet and preferences. It became a very popular customization for athletes. However, Racing Star 100 was like a novelty. (Modafinil) It helped Carl Lewis to break the men’s 100meter dash records in 1991.

Why Do Mizuno Shoes Attract Runners And Athletes?

Mizuno running shoes have been attracting runners since they started as running shoes. In the upcoming sections, you will understand why Mizuno Shoes are some of the best available running shoes for runners and athletes? 

It Says Ride The Wave:

As you all know, Mizuno had used the midsole concept first in Air Genova ST, but it then refined it into the company’s signature wave plate system in the Wave Rider Shoes it launched in 1997. It also combined it with cushioning materials. Its plastic plates have been increasing the energy return. It dissipates the impact forces and also helps the midsoles to keep their shapes undamaged throughout the journey. But this technology has evolved over the years, and you can still find the wave plates underpinning Mizuno running shoes

Infinity Wave 2007:

Mizuno released infinity wave in 2007, making it a novel sole design having two wave plates sandwiched. Similarly, cloudwave technology was released in wave rider 20 in 2016 also uses a wave plate with its unique concave geometry. The reason is to cup and support the bottom of the heel, and these infinity wave plates have been surrounded by foam in the open space. It is to reduce the overall weight of the shoes. Most runners found that the cloudwave midsole flexes are still stable and supportive.

More Than Wave:

In 2015, Mizuno released two EVA-based midsole cushioning foams that have lighter weight. These are Wave Enigma 5, known as U4ic (euphoric) and U4icX. U4icX covers more energy return and softness. Similarly, XPOP was manufactured from springy TPU pellets. The company embedded these shoes in polyurethane foam that works to provide long-lasting cushioning. But there is more weight and decreased energy return, and the company launched Wave Rider 24. It was the first running shoe that featured energy. 

It means that since the company has started, it’s been evolving, innovating, and steadily updating and upgrading running shoes to ensure they deliver the best products to athletes and runners. 

In 2019:

We already discussed that company has been updating and upgrading Mizuno running shoes. So, it was released and debuted with bright yellow XPOP foam on the Wave Sky Waveknit 3. This Waveknit has been featuring various Mizuno models like Wave Rider & Wave Inspire. This company rolls out knit uppers on the running shoes with Waveknit. This material is derived from synthetic fibers woven in an overlapping vector pattern. This shape is available to support the feet while allowing upper flexibility while the runner is moving. It means that the foot has more room and space to play out and work in a more comfortable fit.

Want To Know How To Choose Your Running Shoes?

Each design of shoes you find from Mizuno has undergone extensive testing and processes. Therefore, if you get them on your feet to run 100 miles and provide your feedback about it, it will be great to make others aware of these flexible shoes. The test team and staff have reported wearing those shoes on their feet. But the question that is common for most runners is how they can choose the best fit. To make the task simpler, I’ve come up with the most suitable examples of Mizuno running shoes that you can buy.

Mizuno’s Wave Creation 20:

This product has a significant responsive infinity wave plate and excellent outsole traction. But there is a short tie box. If you want to bring Mizuno’s infinity wave support system, you can buy these shoes. It comes with a unique upper open outsole under the heel. In this construction, there is superior shock absorption support and quick responsiveness. It helps to keep its weight low. It tackles the situation where it’s hard to achieve the balance in traditional cushioning materials. This product features a full-length layer of U4icX cushioning to make possible extra energy return.

Mizuno’s Wave Sky Waveknit 4:

This shoe comes with a breathable upper part, smooth rides for long runs, and heavier sides. Mizuno uses three foams to make a well-cushioned shoe. It means that Mizuno focused on delivering a plush feel underfoot. Similar to Waveknit sky 3, this shoe’s upper has been creating a breezy and stretchy fit. It also comes with a durable carbon rubber outsole that maintains traction, even in the most demanding training sessions.

Mizuno’s Wave Rider 24:

It comes with the new Enerzy foam to be quickly responsive, and it has very soft cushioning. If you are a midfoot striker, you feel high drop unnatural. These shoes are slightly heavier than Mizuno wave rider 23. If you have been looking for shoes for a long natural do-it-all shoe lineup, this one’s for you. Its latest version has been contributing to dual compound midsole from the previous iterations. But, in this shoe, Mizuno had cut out U4icX to bring Enerzy foam. They have prepared a combination of this foam and U4ic foam to make the results smooth and extra bounce. It became the best choice for athletes and runners or anyone who needs speedwork for long without making extra efforts. These products used the same outsole and midsole. But designers have replaced mesh upper with thicker and tightly woven knit. You can buy this for men and women.

Mizuno’s Wave Horizon 5:

This design integrates a stable and cushioned ride and also provides exceptional durability. This product has undergone the reshuffling process of Mizuno cushioning foams. Here, it removed U4ic and moved up the Bouncy XPOP layer to the top. You can see Springy & Soft Enerzy foam sitting in the middle, and also, the U4icX is rounding out the bottom. Similar to Horizon 4, you can see cuts in the foam in a wavy shape. It helps to counter overpronation while maintaining flexibility.

Mizuno’s Wave Inspire 17:

It is wave-inspired 17. That now has softer and responsive Enerzy foam. It comes with generous heel cushioning and feels firmer while using these shows in cold weather and temperature. In the wave inspire 16, you could get moderate stability and a smooth ride with plush cushioning on its heels. But the latest version has upgraded to new enerzy foam to add responsiveness. There is one fan-shaped wave plate sandwiched between layers of foam. It will work to deliver supportive cushioning that helps to counter overpronation. There is a carbon rubber material in the outsole, and it is highly durable and provides durability to shoes. You can buy these Mizuno running shoes for men and women.

Final Thoughts:

Are you ready to enjoy your running session with Mizuno running shoes? If you are an experienced runner, athlete, or even a beginner, Mizuno Shoes are some of the best available choices to buy running shoes. We hope this information was enough to make you knowledgeable about why Mizuno’s running shoes are a fan favorite. If you have purchased and used Mizuno shoes (for your running sessions), you can share the experiences you had with those shoes, and also let us know how it feels wearing those shoes.

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