3 massive benefits to vaping cannabis vs. other methods

Although you may think that lighting up a joint is the easiest and most health-conscious way to ingest cannabis you could be wrong. Studies have shown that using vaporizers and vaping cannabis products can help users with their lung function, sense of taste and smell, and immunity levels. 

When considering the healthiest and most controlled way to ingest cannabis, you have to consider various factors. Do you want to inhale smoke, or would you rather inhale a vapor? Do you want a small, portable accessory, or would you rather have multiple moving parts for a more intense high?

Deciding what kind of smoking experience you want will influence what type of product you buy to ingest cannabis or smoke weed. Let’s see why you should consider buying a vaporizer when compared to other smoking methods for health benefits.

3 benefits to using vape carts to ingest cannabis

Vaping weed is a more modern solution to smoking weed. Instead of rolling joints and dealing with rolling papers and flowers that can get lost, you can use a portable and discreet vape pen with a vape cart. 

Vaporization is an easy-to-use method that involves heating the flower to specific temperatures that produce a steady stream of inhalable vapor instead of harmful smoke. 

Let’s see the top three benefits of using vape pens and vape carts for your smoking experience over other cannabis consumption methods. 

More pronounced flavor 

Vaping usually produces a stronger flavor and more intense aroma than smoking weed. With using a vape pen and vape cart, you will notice the characteristics and flavors of the individual cannabinoids of each strain more distinctly than smoking a joint. 

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Control over the temperature

Most weed vaporizers have adjustable settings that let you control the temperature of vaporization. This means that you can use higher temperatures to bring the oil up to the temperature quicker, providing a more intense high, whereas lower levels will produce a subtler high that you can puff multiple times. Although it takes trial and error to find the right temperature for your needs, it can help you cycle through a range of desired effects.


One of the biggest benefits of using vape pens and vape carts is the efficiency factor. Instead of having to bring around various supplies to smoke weed, like you would with bongs or water pipes, the only thing you need is the vape pen with the vape cart already installed in the top portion of the pen. 


Vape pens are one of the easiest methods for transporting and using in public due to the small size and discrete nature. Choosing vaporizers over other methods that produce smoke is a smart change for cannabis users who enjoy smoking on-the-go. 


There are multiple benefits of using vapes over other smoking methods in terms of efficiency, control over temperature, potency selection, and health benefits. For those who would rather ingest vapor, producing clean and strong hits that don’t burn your lungs, using vape pens and vape carts can be the best solution compared to using joints, bongs, bowls, or dab rigs.