Calories Burned Jumping Rope: All You Need to Know

Jumping rope used to be one of the favorite childhood activities for many children. But it has now changed a lot. More than a fun activity, jumping rope has become a kind of workout. Therefore, you will want to calculate calories burned jumping rope.

If you want to know your calories burned jumping rope, you will need to calculate the average jump rope per minute. Dear adults, jumping rope is one of the most fun cardio exercises that you can do. There are several benefits of jumping rope, from improving stamina to tightening your core muscles.

Jumping Rope for Weight Loss

Jumping rope involves your entire body in the workout process. It is for this reason that many people believe jumping rope helps to lose weight fast. Does it? Jumping rope does burn many calories, but relying entirely on the jumping rope for weight loss won’t be of any help.

Jumping rope should be a part of your workout schedule and not your entire workout schedule. Well, jumping rope can play an essential role in boosting your metabolism. If you’re using a jumping rope for weight loss, you need to ensure that you’re burning enough to do other activities too. A 1-hour jump rope calories are burnt significantly higher.

What are the calories burned jumping rope?

How many calories you burn while jumping ropes depend on numerous factors. It is essential to consider the different factors. As per the average jump rope per minute, an individual burns around 15 to 20 calories. But, then again, how many calories you burn depends on various factors.

Jumping rope on an average basis helps to burn around 670-990 calories depending on various factors. However, in many cases, jumping rope can get extremely difficult. Even the individuals cannot perform jumping ropes quickly.

Since it is a full-body workout, it can help to burn a significant number of calories. It would be best if you considered building a jumping rope calorie burn schedule or table. However, in many cases, jumping rope can also be one of the best HIIT exercises. You can easily indulge in the performance of jumping ropes.

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What factors affect weight loss?

Different factors affect your weight loss process. It is necessary to understand how your body responds to the light or intensive workout schedule.

Some of the common factors that affect your calorie-burning rate include the following.


Your body weight has a significant impact on how much weight you lose. The number of calories you burn per minute is dependent on your body. This is mainly because people with more fat in their bodies will burn a higher number of calories than those who don’t.

How often you exercise

skipping rope for weight loss
Source: verywellfit

How often you indulge in the practice of jumping rope is also an important consideration. People who do it for a significant time twice a day tend to lose more calories than those who do it once. However, it is necessary to maintain the ideal conditions for practicing the process. If you have any health condition, it is advisable to focus on staying fit with jumping ropes than losing weight.


Are you considering jumping ropes to be a regular exercise or HIIT? The higher the intensity of your workout, the more calories you will lose. Fitness coaches recommend taking shorter breaks between the HIIT workout using jumping ropes. However, it is always advised to take care of your health before indulging in a high-intensity workout session.

How to burn more calories using jumping rope?

If you want to burn more calories using jumping ropes, you need to focus on how much you’re exercising. What goal you want to achieve will also have an important role. As per the expert advice, you should consider working out using jumping ropes. Don’t underestimate the power of jumping ropes because these can help you a lot.

According to experts, it is very crucial to maintain posture while performing jumping exercises. If you indulge in jumping ropes even for an hour every day to keep the posture, you can benefit a lot. If you are following a rigid workout schedule, it is also essential to eat right.

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You can never lose weight if you practice jump rope an hour every day and relish delicious junk food. Healthy lifestyle choices will eventually boost the process of burning fats quickly. If you eat healthily, you will burn a lot of calories while maintaining your body weight.

Apart from bringing specific changes to your lifestyle, it would be best if you considered bringing changes to your skipping schedule. Making your jumping rope session go from 30-minutes to an hour can be effective. But there are other tips you can try too to boost your calorie burn process. Some of the most common tips to follow are

Use heavier rope

Do you want to gain strength and burn calories at the same time? Well, you should consider using a heavier rope. If you’ve been practicing skipping for a few days now, you know it’s time to switch up the game.

Hence, it would help if you quit on your regular rope and use a heavier one instead. Heavier ropes tend to put pressure on the arms. Eventually, your body posture will improve, but measure after a few days, and you will get biceps.

Go for HIIT

HIIT for weight loss
Source: scientificamerican

If you haven’t yet adopted HIIT, it is time to do so. Hence, make sure you bring changes to your workout schedule. HIIT can be challenging for many, but it can be effective for yielding high-quality results. Within a brief period, you will notice the change in your body. Well, your body undergoes a lot of change during this period. So, make sure that you’re maintaining the overall diet as well.

Good diet

Burning too many calories at once is not very healthy. It is for these reasons that experts recommend following a healthy diet too. Therefore, if you are into skipping a lot, it’s high time that you can replace junk food with healthy food.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know how many calories burned jumping rope, you will need to know what you need the most. There are several HIIT workouts that you can practice with jumping ropes. Thus, make sure to focus on them thoroughly to lose weight.

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