Burgundy Red: A Win-Win Shade For Your Bold Look

The legendary burgundy color is one of the most tempting shades in the red color palette. When combined with other colors, it reveals its unique depth and helps young ladies create a new look. It Has long been associated with royal dignity and is considered the symbol of wealth. Noble and stylish, classic and modern, it is a win-win color for both special occasions and for everyday wear. Only confident and courageous women dare to create spectacular burgundy color looks. Let’s see about the burgundy red shade for a bold look.

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In today’s beauty industry, nail art is given an important place and that’s why there is a really overwhelming amount of nail polish options in various shades. Many of them go well with a variety of clothing styles being suitable for any taste, age and lifestyle. However, there are some universal color shades such as red, white and pastel tones that are most likely to suit any outfit and makeup look. Another color that has firmly conquered the first place in the hearts of fashion lovers is deep and rich dark red. Thanks to this one, females all around the world can achieve spectacular and chic looks.

The burgundy color is formed by mixing black and red in different proportions. Yellow, blue, or gray can be added in small amounts for brighter or more muted hues. As a result, the burgundy color palette includes many gorgeous shades – from cherry with purple sheen to mahogany, marsala, dark ruby, and so on.

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Don’t hesitate to put on a burgundy dress and pick a burgundy shade of polish for a matching nail look. In order to spice up the image, go for decorating your nails with a black or gold pattern.

Lipstick color

Your pretty lips are the center of your face, so their color and shape are extremely important. However, it is better to paint your lips when the rest of the makeup is completely done.

If the eyes are accentuated with the help of eyeliner and intense eyeshadow, the best decision is to keep the lips looking as natural as possible – nude or slightly touched with matte red lipstick.

On the other hand, golden makeup and your natural lip color should be of the same tone, although you can add some mother-of-pearl color accents. Modest eye makeup is a nice way to emphasize lips with deep red or almost brown lipstick.

For everyday wear, it is best to choose a natural-looking lip makeup, but if you want to rock a bold punk look, there is no need to choose a muted color even provided that eye makeup is bright too. The main rule is that the color of your lips matches the rest of your makeup and is suitable for your age.

Lipstick color depends on other shades of makeup, so lips can be either natural or bright.

Accessories That Go Perfectly Well with Burgundy Clothes

When it comes to accessories to match a burgundy dress, the most important rule is to choose the right shoes and a versatile handbag. Just as with makeup and manicure, the best color combo would be black, gold, and some shades of red.

  •     Black accessories, especially black high-heeled shoes and a purse, are a versatile solution that carries no risk and usually requires no additional purchases.
  •     Gold, on the other hand, is a color that can be easily overdone, so choose matte gold shoes and handbags.
  •     Light natural shades are perfect if you want to gracefully highlight the whole look.
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Pairing a burgundy dress with blood red accessories can be extremely difficult, but sometimes it looks amazingly stunning. Anyway, this decision should be made after the final fitting.

We should not forget about jewelry made of gold, as well as silver or platinum. It is best to focus on long earrings or necklaces, especially in retro style or of modern geometric shapes.