Top Indian Clothing Brands: Best Ones For Men And Women

One of the fascinating things about the top Indian clothing brands is they sound foreign. Most of the top Indian brands make it seem as if they are owned by foreigners when they are Indian. It may come off as a surprise for many.

However, one of the most important things to note about these clothing brands is that they’re pretty affordable. If you check out the top 100 clothing brands in India, most of them are reasonable or comfortable. Therefore, it is prevalent to be stuck in making a choice.

The Top Indian Clothing Brands

There is a wide range of top Indian clothing brands. Therefore, you will have to make a choice accordingly. With the availability of so many brands, it can often be confusing to choose. Before choosing a brand for your clothing, you will need to determine various factors such as price, comfort, and more.

Here are some of the best Indian brands that you need to try:

Peter England

Initially, most of us thought that Peter England was a foreign brand. But, it is not. Although it is surprising for many, Peter England belongs to Aditya Birla Group.

Top Indian Clothing Brands
Source: Next Big Brand

Moreover, most people rely on their trust in Peter England when it comes to affordability and comfort. This is hailed to be one of the top Indian clothing brands for men. It has a diverse clothing range from ethnic to casual to formal and more. No matter which city you go to in India, you will always find a Peter England outlet.

Louis Philippe

Very much like Peter England, Louis Philippe is also considered to be a foreign brand. However, it is not. Aditya Birla Group owns Louis Philippe too. This is indeed one of the most premium brands in India.

Similar to Peter England, Louis Philippe focuses more on men’s clothing. It offers several clothing options like wallets, shoes, watches, and suits. While Peter England deals with all types of clothing, Louis Philippe deals mainly with formal attire.

Park Avenue

While the name sounds very much foreign, Park Avenue is actually an Indian brand. Park Avenue is one of the most premium fashion brands in India. Raymond group owns Park Avenue, and they deal with a wide range of clothing. Their products range across formal clothing.

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Top Indian Clothing Brands
Source: Park Avenue

Park Avenue is one of the many trusted brands by Indians. Apart from clothing, they also deal with accessories. But that is not all. Park Avenue deals with a wide range of products such as woolen wear, shampoos, shirts, trousers, and more.


W is just a peculiar name for a brand. But, it is also one of the many famous brands for women in India. W, is in fact, one of the top 100 clothing brands in India. TCNS Clothing Co. owns W. One of the most prominent aspects of W is that it sounds foreign, but it deals with Indian clothing.

W can easily manage cuts and western designs. Therefore, many ladies adore the mix or combination. The coming together of different fashionable concepts is catering to the needs of Indian ladies. The brand caters to the needs of women who want a prominent fusion of traditional and modern clothing.

Apart from formal clothing, W deals with traditional clothing. So, you know you can easily experiment with this clothing. Whether you want a dupatta, drapes, and bottoms, you can find it all with W. It is here to suit the needs of all millennials.

Van Heusen

Wait, Van Heusen isn’t Indian? Well, to your surprise, it isn’t. Like Peter England and Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, too, belongs to Aditya Birla.

Top Indian Clothing Brands
Source: Amazon

Aditya Birla Group is one of the biggest brands in India. They own all premium brands such as Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, and more. You can get a wide range of clothing options in Van Heusen. Van Heusen is here to cater to your needs whether you’re looking for traditional clothing or modern clothing.


While AND may seem as if it is some premium foreign brand, it is not. AND is a premium Indian brand owned by the House of Anita Dongre. Now it makes all sense why the brand is known as AND since it is by Anita Dongre.

Anita Dongre is one of the leading fashion designers of India. She brings a varied sense of fashion for consumers. Not only does she have fashionable experimental looks but more. If you are into a fusion of traditional and modern clothing, AND is where you need to be.

Ranging from party wear to everyday wear, AND has it all. Well, one of the most striking features is that AND ensures proper functionality and design. If you are into the fashion game, you can never go wrong with AND.

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Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo often finds its name in the top Indian clothing brands for men and women. If you’re a fan of winter wear or exclusive sweaters, you should try out Monte Carlo. But that is not all.

The Italian name of the brand attracts the Indian customer base even more than usual. Monte Carlo mostly deals with winter wear and promises to deliver 100% woolen clothing. It is based in Ludhiana, and you can find various outlets all across the country. Nahar Group from Ludhiana owns the rights to Monte Carlo.


Oxemberg mainly deals with casual and formal clothing. While the name sounds very much foreign, it is actually Indian. Oxemberg belongs to or is a part of the House of Siyaram.

Siyaram Silk is very popular in India because of its premium formal clothing. Well, as their tagline goes, “Raise The Bar,” Oxemberg caters to your needs. There are various outlets of Siyaram Silk Mills in India, and you are sure to get your hands on some clothes from Oxemberg.

Indians have always been fascinated by foreign brands. Therefore it is quite appreciative of these brands to come up with such great strategies. Most of these top Indian clothing brands such as Raymond, Vero Moda, Mango, House of Tarun Nihlani sound so much foreign only to be Indian. Well, the next time someone tries to flaunt their western or modern brands, you know how to flaunt your Indian brands.

Allen Solly- 

Madhura Fashion and lifestyle brought Allan Solly as the Indian clothing brand in the year 1993, we can say this is a venture of Aditya Birla Fashion Retail limited. The brand is growing very fast and it is very well dedicated to all men, women and also children. So, this is one such clothing brand that is satisfactory shopping solution for the whole family.


This retail Indian clothing brand is situated in Mumbai, it came to life in the year 1998. In its initial days the brand was only dedicated for men’s wear, but it soon became the leading brand in the market of clothes and now it deals in both men and women clothing as well as accessories.