Top Tips for Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

Have you always dreamed of proposing your partner with buying a vintage engagement rings? In spite of the vast assortment of new engagement rings, a great selection of which can be found via this link, some individuals prefer historical pieces with a story to tell.

Vintage rings are one of a kind, previously owned and worshipped by other individuals. Nevertheless, their charm isn’t just induced by the old-fashioned design but also by their rich history. 

Shoppers would have to decide between eras, gemstones, cuts, colours, and quality. The journey to finding a unique historic piece lasts longer than buying a brand new model. 

We hope this advice assists shoppers in their decision. 

Understand the meaning of vintage

The initial consideration before buying a vintage engagement ring is understanding the meaning of vintage. Despite the popularity of this trend, many buyers make no distinction between the three main categories, which are antique, vintage, and vintage-inspired models. For instance, antique models are those made more than a century ago and already owned by someone. 

Vintage rings, on the other hand, refer to models made at least twenty to thirty years ago, not older than a century. These were also previously owned. Conversely, vintage-inspired models refer to pieces of jewellery designed to look vintage or antique. Nevertheless, they are brand new with no history of previous ownership. Check out some tips for choosing a vintage-inspired engagement ring. 

Nowadays, many companies label vintage-inspired models as vintage. Therefore, you should be very careful when making a choice if you are particularly looking for a piece from another era. Some buyers are specifically looking for engagement rings with a rich history, which is meaningful compared to new models. 

Conduct diamond research

Diamond research is essential prior to hitting the shops if planning to purchase a diamond engagement ring. You should get familiar with the four Cs, including clarity, colour, cut, and carat. Vintage diamonds are known for their old-fashioned cuts, which aren’t particularly favorable to stone brilliance. Some diamonds might come with visible flaws that only contributes to their charm. 

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Conduct diamond research

Moreover, antique diamonds feature a soft glow and romantic appeal. These aren’t as sparkly as modern cuts. Their value is determined by looking at their carat weight, appearance, age, and history. The most popular antique diamond cuts include the single cut, rose-cut, old mine cut, and old European cut. Remember to save some photos of ring styles and gemstones from a particular era to help the jeweller narrow down the selection. 

Look at gemstones

Another thing to bear in mind when shopping for a vintage engagement ring is the range of gemstones. Jewellery stores offer vintage rings from different eras, such as Art Deco Jewellery, fashioned in platinum or white gold. The selection of gemstones is indeed vast, meaning you should make a shortlist of favourites to ease your shopping journey.

For example, aquamarine is a spectacular choice of gemstone for a vintage engagement ring owing to its striking beauty, subtle tone, and pale blue hue. It’s durable and more affordable compared to other gems. In contrast, an emerald is a classic option for looking exquisite thanks to its vivid green hue. 

Morganite is a popular engagement ring choice, as brides simply adore this gem. A diamond halo looks marvelous in combination with this pink stone. Another pink stone that’s a bit cloudier in colour is the rose quartz. Conversely, rubies are a synonym of luxury, as their value is often identical to that of diamonds. These gemstones are absolutely vibrant and durable. 

Another classic choice of gemstone is the sapphire, usually associated with a dark blue hue. Nevertheless, sapphires come in a variety of other colours, such as pink, yellow, green, purple, and white. Their durability resembles the hardiness of rubies and emeralds. 

Topaz is an overlooked but incredibly stunning gem, usually found in a sky blue colour. In the same way as sapphire, topaz occurs in other hues like pale green, pink, orange, white, wine red, etc. It symbolizes the power of friendship. See this link,, to discover more about the uses and properties of topaz. 

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Don’t forget the paperwork

Another vital aspect to take into account when shopping for such a piece of jewellery is the paperwork. Reputable jewellers should provide you with a gemological report and other types of paperwork, like insurance, receipts, repair records, etc. 

Prior to deciding on a model, have a conversation with the jeweller about the paperwork he/she can provide. Also, you should inquire about the services of a qualified gemologist who is the most reputable for providing honest piece assessments. 

A diamond certification is necessary if the central diamond is worth more than 0.5 carats. These certifications should include all information about the diamond, such as cut, clarity, color, and weight. You will be required to provide one if you decide to insure the piece of jewellery. 

Check the return policy

Understanding the return policy of the jeweller is vital for making a good deal. These policies provide useful information on shipping expenses, ring damage in the course of shipping, and warranties. Every buyer should know its options related to returning the piece if it doesn’t meet their requirements. If possible, choose a jewellery store that offers free shipping and returns. 

Some jewellers even offer a ten-day period to buyers to decide if the engagement ring is the perfect choice for them. Another aspect to consider is the perks that come with the price of the vintage piece. Since these rings aren’t likely to be of the right size, make sure the jeweller includes free sizing services. 

Set a budget

Setting a budget is necessary when buying vintage engagement rings, as prices can be indeed hefty. The cost of historical pieces is determined by the quality of the gemstone, its age, and its rarity. Needless to say, rare pieces are the costliest. 

To sum up

Buying Vintage engagement rings provide uniqueness, exquisite charm, history, and timeless beauty. 

They are subtle, sophisticated, and durable. 

You won’t regret purchasing one for your bride-to-be!