Why You Should Get Yourself a Pair of Yoga Pants

Isn’t it a serious flex to be in comfortable clothes and yet look sexy. Pair of Yoga pants are such. They fit you like a second skin and moves with your body. They are stretchy, form-fitting clothing that almost feels like you are wearing nothing. Let me count how they are comfortable.

Why pair of yoga pants are comfortable: 

  1. Stretchy, so they still fit after you gain a few pounds or had too much food. 
  2. If you get bloated during the day, they do not cut into your skin.
  3. Soft material that feels heavenly against your skin
  4. Non-confining, while they are usually tight, it’s not in a bad way like other pants where you can’t move
  5. They are often crafted from fabrics that wick away sweat and moisture and keep you dry & comfy. 


Yoga pants are very versatile, while they were initially designed for workout sessions but the unmatched comfort has made it an ideal pick for casual wear too. You can wear them out too, pair it with a solid tee or a sports bra, layer a bomber jacket and finish the street-style look with a pair of cool sneakers. Trust me Yoga pants will conform to your needs that is the truth. You have the power to make them what you want or need for the day. Many women enjoy wearing yoga pants because they can be styled with a lot of items from your closet. They are extremely versatile, and you can even create a whole outfit based around your yoga tights/ leggings.

Even people with the flattest of bums can look like they have some junk in the trunk. It doesn’t matter if this is real or an illusion. But yoga pants have strategic designing that defines and enhances your legs, butt, hips and tummy. The high waisted ones work great for curvy women giving them a toned and tucked in look. 

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Yoga pants are also the perfect travel outfit. They are great and especially efficient for female travellers. You could style them with a tank top & a pair of sneakers and you’ve got the perfect, practical and comfortable travel outfit. You can bend your legs any way you please, unlike when wearing jeans or a skirt.

Order that extra cheese pizza and fries. You can eat as much as you want and not have to worry about buttoning your pants. No Buttons = no problem WOOO!

Don’t worry about the price because firstly, you can rationalize spending some money on one pair because you can literally live in them and secondly Clovia has got some amazing discounts on yoga pants.