3 things to avoid with hair extensions

If you’ve started wearing human hair extensions, you are most likely very happy with the added length and volume that they provide to your natural hair. While the best human hair extensions tend to last long in general, though it depends on the particular hair quality, there are certain things you should avoid in order to keep your extensions looking brand new, shiny and durable. We take a look at three things to avoid with hair extensions.

Overwashing your hair

While you should wash your hair extensions at least once a week, it’s important that you not overwash your hair. While it’s not so much the water, provided it’s lukewarm or cold water, excessive shampoo use is what will really damage your hair extensions. Shampoo will strip the hair of its natural oils and given that hair extensions won’t be rehydrated with oils from our scalp, that will make them brittle, dry and could lead to damage and hair shedding.

Once a week should be fine, but too much shampoo is definitely something that should be avoided if you’re wearing extensions on a semi-permanent basis.

Using heat styling tools too much

It’s only natural that you’ll use products like curlers or hair straighteners on your hair extensions depending on the style you want to achieve. However, it’s best to limit your use of them as excessive heat could cause discoloration, split ends as well as make your hair look and feel dry and brittle.

This can’t be avoided for some, but if for example, you use heat styling products everyday, you can start off by trying to reduce it to every alternate day. You can also try and reduce the temperature of your tools while a heat protection spray will also help protect your hair.

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Sleeping with wet or damp hair

One thing you should never do is sleep with wet or damp hair extensions. This is because wet hair is most prone to breakage, damage and shedding, especially if you find yourself tossing around during your sleep. Additionally, you should never brush your hair while it’s wet as this can contribute to hair shedding and breakage. Take your late night showers earlier or just use a blow dryer.

Also going back to the previous point, do not use any heat styling products especially when your hair is wet. This will only result in your hair burning and getting damaged severely.

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