5 Uncovered Myths About Online Casinos In Canada

There is a reason why some Online Cricket Betting ID don’t trust online casinos, especially if they’ve had dealings with land-based casinos in the past. As they say, experience is the best teacher, and this lack of confidence in online casinos can be traced to issues of security and fairness. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many people have perpetuated myths about online casinos in Canada.

In this article, our guest author Kevin N. Cochran, who is a casino expert with more than 23 years of experience, will debunk five of the most popular myths about online casinos in Canada. 

Myth #1:There’s No Fair Play In Online Casinos

This is one myth a lot of players still hold onto, especially those who are stuck on a bad luck streak. While we can’t say this is impossible in illegal online casinos, cheating is very unlikely in licensed sites. A regulated gambling platform will be doing itself a great disservice by being unfair to players because such action could spell the end of that business.

Licensed casinos make transparency their mantra. They only offer casino games from trusted software providers whose games have passed the test for fairness, reliability and accuracy. These casinos even go a step further by providing a feature on their site that allows players to view their game history whenever they please.

Furthermore, independent auditors periodically test the games and software of licensed casinos to make sure they are still fair, after which a certificate is issued to those who excelled with flying colours. These reports, as well as each game’s payout percentage, can be viewed by players at any licensed online casino. If you want to find the best licensed online casinos, check out the list of online casino real money Сanada.

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Myth #2: All Roulette Wheels Perform Alike

You must rise above some myths about roulette if your goal is to succeed at the game. No two roulette wheels perform the same way, even if they were manufactured on the same day by the same company. Some wheels come out of the factory with a slight error, which can be exploited by an observant player.

While many players are resigned to this myth, professional players go the extra mile to figure out the differences in a particular roulette wheel. Remember that it is your sole responsibility as a player to recognize the hidden features of a roulette wheel so that you can have an edge in the game.

That being said, if you play roulette at online casinos, the game is powered by a random numer generator instead of a real wheel. That  reduces the likelihood of biased results to zero, so this does not apply. 

Myth #3: You Must Be A Math Genius To Succeed In Poker

Certain myths about poker have prevented many punters from reaching their full potential. Some players strongly believe that the ultimate key to unlocking poker greatness is a deep knowledge of mathematics. Nothing could be further from the truth! This is not to say that you won’t need to make calculations while playing the game, but a basic knowledge of math should suffice.

The areas where some calculations are required include understanding bet amounts, knowing when to call and fold, and odds. As you can see, it is nothing as complicated as lots of players are made to believe. Just learn the basics of the game, and you won’t need any advanced calculations when playing.

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Myth #4: Online Casinos Introduce Minors To Gambling

One of the arguments used by people who stand against legalizing online gambling is that minors will find it easier to gamble now that it can be done online. This is not accurate. Anyone who has bothered to sign up to an online casino will see that age is a requirement to access the site. Since the legal age varies between different parts of Canada, they will use the minimum age in your location.

Even if a minor lies about their age and gains entrance, they will still be discovered when it’s time to fund their account. This is because the online casino will request some identification documents like government-issued ID cards, recent utility bills, credit card details, and others. These security checks make it impossible for a minor to play for real money at a licensed online casinos in Canada.

Myth #5: Winnings Can Be Triggered In Pokies

There are lots of myths about pokies and one of them is that players can cause a win to happen by either switching the pokies machine on and off or flooding it with coins. Players sometimes forget that this is a machine with a totally random number generation, and that no matter what anyone does, the pokies machine will operate based on its programming. Players who run with this idea end up losing their coins, and switching it off and on will be of no effect with regards to triggering winnings.