Metal Stamping And Forming As The Answer

Looking for the right fit when it comes to making your product come to life is not as daunting as you may think, the world of metal stamping and forming and shaping is by far the best solution on the market and is essentially taking the world by storm for companies around the world. The skill is being tweaked, innovated, and enhanced beyond our imagination and what once seemed impossible is now easily achievable with the help of machines and cleverly designed programs.

Your business brand and your well-designed products can be taken to the next level, to the heights you always envisioned yourself getting to, and making your company and product range a household name. 

You understand the concept, have done your research, and have quickly realized that for the quantity of product whilst maintaining the highest level of quality in material and design you need to instill the expertise of the professionals. Thinking outside the box is one thing, having it executed flawlessly is another, but certainly not impossible.


Get the job done.- Metal Stamping and Forming

If you have the time by all means make the most of it before jumping into your new project (as highly exciting as it may be) and write down a couple of company choices you have narrowed in on to take a browse around their factory and have a chat with the people in charge. It is always good to see where you are considering having your manufacturing completed, how they conduct their work and the cleanliness of the environment. 

While you may not necessarily see the processing happening as such, you have an idea of the workspace and employees and how they value and enjoy their jobs. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a staff member love what they do, it shows in their work, they can boost morale in the workplace if the day seems to be dragging, and they are usually an all-around joy to be around.

This is a quality in an employee you want working on your concepts and executing them flawlessly. If as you walk around the various business company options and you find one that feels right, then go with your gut. A Metal Stamping Company that gets the job done and can save a lot of processing time as well as reduces the overall cost is what you actually need.

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 If this is your first adventure embarking on making a sketched design come to life into a physical prototype product then you don’t want to be taking any chances. You want quality above quantity, but if you can find a firm that can offer and deliver both then you have the best of both worlds.

Metal Stamping And Forming As The Answer

Learning about the process.

For the most part, the majority of the work is done using tools which are known as dies. These shape and cut sheet metal into the part sand intricacies required by your design. ( See here for an interesting article and look into the world of stamping and dies, in some instances, it is as simple as it sounds, in other areas the intricacies can blow your mind. This is truly a skillset where dies are essentially cast by professional die makers to produce the product shape and design you desire. 

As we know the art of metal stamping processing began as early as the Industrial revolution where metal was cold formed for bicycle accessories including handlebars, frames, and rims. While it originally began as a hands-on task you may have understood as forging it has since become much simpler and easier.

Forging is essentially where a block of metal is hammered, pounded, and heated into the desired shape, and was usually done by hand. Nowadays the same results are achieved by stamping out the shape from large sheet metal and at a fraction of the time and costs, what’s not to love. Sure a bespoke handmade item looks loved and thought about, these days we don’t have the time to wait not to mention the onslaught of supply and demand. 

Now that you have some distinction between the two do not get confused on hearing about forming, which too has a significant difference in the processing methods. Not to overcomplicate things the main difference you need to remember is that forging is the result of pressured blows to deform the metal while forming is the use of deformation through mechanical machinery.

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Your options.

You could look to other methods and efforts in manufacturing your product but when it comes to your first product, the one that has been a dream of yours since you were a young boy, you want the best. And that means using the advancement and innovative technology of machines and their well-designed programmed instructions. 

When conducting your research and finding the best fit for you don’t be afraid to explore the varieties of metal stamping and forming available. Techniques such as precision or hot metal stamping allow you to have a more detailed and refined design whilst maintaining its strength or material. Then you have progressive metal stamping, a personal favorite, which is essentially a production line of multiple design stations. 

As the single, continuous strip of metal is rolled through the various machines and stations each adds its significant imprint into the metal, this layered look appeals to many clients and customers as its 3-dimensional look gives a more thought-of bespoke design and image. Then as the final touches are added (or pressed into the metal should we say) the final station sees the metal piece cut off ready for assembly to another piece to be used as-is for exportation. 

The world is seeing creativity and innovation excel in so many ways and shows no signs of slowing down, to have your brand and business ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ as they say you had best not be left behind when it comes to utilizing the best techniques in the industry. Staying one step ahead of the game will keep you successful.