6 Tips To Make Beauty Products Last Longer

With people getting vainer than ever and fixated on their physical appearance, there’s a continuous boom in the beauty products industry. Women tend to treat these products as their holy grail. Some ladies handle sunscreens, lotions, and cosmetics like a bottle of miracle potion to keep them looking young and beautiful. Naturally, some of these products come with hefty price tags, so it’s only fitting that they be handled well to last long.

Before deciding to throw away your precious beauty products that have exceeded their shelf life, it’s time to look for ways to prevent your products from spoiling and stop pouring money down the drain. 

As you may have purchased a bunch of beauty products at great deals and you want to make them last longer for beauty’s sake, you need to check out these doable tips:

  • Keep Away From Sunlight 

When you keep makeup and skincare products away from direct sunlight, you can prolong their shelf life. A beauty product will deteriorate faster if exposed to sunlight because the heat can cause its active ingredients to break down. The product might lose its efficacy and you won’t be able to maximize its benefits. 

The ideal place to store your beauty products is somewhere cool, dark, and dry such as a cabinet or drawer, definitely not near the shower or on the window sill. 

  • Don’t Use Your Hands 

While it may be obvious that the hands are the ultimate carrier of microbes, people often overlook or ignore this fact. Just think about how you sometimes forget to wash your hands, then directly dip your fingers into a jar of cream. The bacteria on your hands will permeate the entire pot, contaminating your costly cream. 

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Instead of using your hands, use a spatula to scoop just the right amount of cream onto your hand. As for cosmetics such as eye makeup or blush, use appropriate brushes to apply them to your face. Wash your brushes often as well.    

  • Use Air-Tight Containers 

Some products tend to dry up the moment the container becomes half empty. When that happens, you can simply transfer them into smaller air-tight containers to prevent early spoilage. Travel-size jars can be purchased at your local store. There are also various pump styles available. 

This will allow you to finish all the contents through and through, giving you your money’s worth. Along with some money-saving tips for shopping for beauty products, you’ll be able to get value for money with your beauty products.

  • Store Cosmetics In The Fridge 

One common trick to maintaining the quality of beauty products is to store them in your fridge. Keep your moisturizers, creams, and serums in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life. Even fragrances should be kept in the fridge. Since such products’ ultimate enemy is the sun, it’s wiser to store them in a cool place. 

However, when storing them in the fridge, it’s essential to designate an area for your cosmetics. You don’t want them smelling like food or other ingredients in the fridge with a pungent odor. 

Furthermore, extreme cold can damage your products just as much as heat. If part of an emulsion becomes frozen, its efficacy is affected. So, be mindful of where you store your beauty products when winter comes. 

  • Stop Sharing With Others 

Sharing makeup with others is a big no-no for hygienic reasons. Makeup can harbor bacteria that could easily spread from one person to another. For instance, you can easily get an eye infection or cold sores if you share eye makeup or lipstick with an infected person. Therefore, make it a personal rule never to share your personal beauty products with anyone.

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For this reason, it’s also not safe to try those makeup testers commonly found in stores. If you really want to, then don’t apply the product directly to your face. Test the product on your wrist instead. 

  • Take Note Of The Shelf Life 

Many women love using organic beauty products, especially those with sensitive skin. Aside from being safe for your skin, using natural skincare products is also safe for the environment. Although they’re healthy for the skin, they tend to spoil faster than conventional beauty products as they don’t contain paraben, which acts as a preservative. 

So, don’t neglect to check the expiration date of makeup products before buying them. Buying products that are close to their expiration date can cost you more in the long run. Furthermore, it’s not safe to continue using a product that’s already past its expiration as it may cause skin or eye infections, allergies, dry skin, or breakouts. 


Beauty products can be expensive, depending on the brand and purpose. It’s best to maximize them by ensuring they don’t spoil earlier than their expiration dates. If you follow the tips stated above, then it’s highly likely that not a drop of your favorite beauty product will go to waste.