Cooperation with a digital marketing agency

What can it mean to work with a digital marketing agency? If your company lacks digital marketing expertise, outsourcing to a digital marketing partner can be a risk-free way to add effectiveness to your marketing.

What does it mean to work with a digital marketing agency?

The marketing industry has a diverse range of offices and partners. It’s good to have supply and perspectives in the industry, but when looking for a partner, it’s good to first identify your own need: does collaboration require content production, website implementation, or brand renewal? Is the website a good model and there is a need to take advantage of digital marketing? What is the right approach and strategy to implement your marketing? Check out to know more about digital marketing services for your business.

Marketing can be done in many different ways. There are different approaches like inbound, growth marketing, growth hacking, marketing automation, social media marketing and content marketing. For some, implementing Google advertising alone may be enough.

The work of a digital marketing partner often begins at the stage when the website has been redesigned or the marketing measures are to be transferred to digital channels. Already in the development phase of a website, it is good to look to the future – what measures will also be taken to build and achieve the goals set for the website? What kind of functionalities does the website need and how is their functionality monitored?

A good partner not only looks at individual channels but understands the versatility and totality of marketing. The clearest difference from the perspective of a more traditional advertising agency is that instead of a single advertising campaign, a longer-term model of collaboration is created, which is often also more effective in terms of results. The “chips” of modern marketing really differ a lot from the time when newspaper advertising was an easy solution to marketing efforts.

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It’s hard to say in advance what works and what doesn’t. The tools enable testing of messages and advertising, as well as continuous development of marketing. Tracking tools also provide information on customer usage patterns. Continuous dosing and working together may sound like hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. The offices have developed more agile collaboration models and more open and visible operations. So, forget the traditional advertising campaign thinking and constantly build a better customer experience online.

More than advertising

The starting point is the effortless transaction of the target group in digital channels. This means that marketing is much more of a “hands-on clay” thing than many even realize. At the centre is your customer.

In cooperation, instead of a single channel/campaign, we strive to ensure a seamless customer experience on digital channels. Less often, this is accomplished by campaigning for a few weeks on one channel, but it can be the start of our collaboration. We both benefit from a more holistic approach.

Effective use of advertising tools requires more familiarity than pressing the “advertise publication” button. Yes, I speak from the perspective of the service provider, but years of experience and limited resources of marketing staff, among other things, are behind my view.

Effectiveness comes from constantly testing and scaling your advertising, not from individual campaigns.

A digital marketing partner can act as part of a marketing team or be independent of a particular digital marketing entity as an outsourced expert. If your team lacks expertise in digital marketing, outsourcing can be a risk-free way to add effectiveness to your marketing. The goal can be growth and building digital marketing capabilities that will lead to hiring a marketing expert.

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The starting point is the company’s goals and transparent cooperation

If you want to invest in marketing, it requires constant work and testing. At the beginning and in the planning phase of the collaboration, you have a goal-based progression model in hand. It’s hard to verify the effectiveness and impact of your marketing with a couple of weeks of advertising. Instead, I recommend that it takes at least 4-6 months to do it together.

The actual implementation can be done in sprints, in which case the measures are developed on a weekly / monthly basis. Alternatively, the entity can be built into multi-channel marketing for several months, aiming for timely communication in the right channels from the customer’s perspective. Based on this plan, expert work will begin, which may include the following areas:

Marketing monitoring and maintenance rights in order

Make sure your affiliate is able to track your marketing performance. Here’s an example of what tracking functionalities and performance can mean in practice.

  • Maintenance rights for different systems
  • If necessary, we set up advertising accounts for the customer’s use
  • Google Analytics Tracking Settings
  • Other necessary systems
  • Monitoring advertising results.

Start with a goal: What kind of information do you need that you know you are heading in the right direction for a digital marketing agency? If the goal of marketing is to promote sales and generate potential customers to support sales, the metrics and outlook should be built so that this goal becomes visible. The example below tracks the number of contacts accrued through the website.