Girlfriend Gifts – How to Choose the Best One?

Is the birthday of your loving girlfriend approaching? Have you run out of gift ideas? As a boyfriend, you are expected to go the extra mile to make your girlfriend’s birthday eventful and special. 

If you have a tough time deciding on the ideal present, you can always rely on creativity and make early plans to surprise your loved one on her special day. 

We hope the tips below assist you in selecting the best present.

Plan ahead

The initial tip for choosing the perfect girlfriend gift is to plan ahead. It’s of great importance not to wait until the last minute, as you’ll be forced to purchase a present just for the sake of it. Planning ahead allows boyfriends to decide on a present or romantic gesture that perfectly fits the occasion while provided with enough time to execute it. For instance, if ordering online, you’d need to plan the time it takes for the order to arrive. Check out what science says about choosing the perfect gift.

Brainstorming ideas is highly recommended to come up with creative and thoughtful ideas. You should consider the things she fancies and those you have in common. Make sure you write every idea down on a piece of paper and refer to the list for inspiration. Practical gifts are worth considering, as your girlfriend will most likely appreciate an item she can use daily. Nevertheless, the present isn’t supposed to be mundane. 

Another trick to try when planning ahead is using recent conversations and searching for hints. It’s probable for your girlfriend to have intentionally or unintentionally dropped a hint about the present she wants. The conversations you’ve had recently can serve as a guide to choosing the ideal present. Her Pinterest feed is an excellent source of inspiration without asking direct questions related to her preferences. Another resource can be her Amazon wish list, as long as it’s public.  

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Be creative

Creativity is always appreciated in the act of gift-giving, as it demonstrates one’s thoughtfulness and personal touch to the present. For instance, a photo collage is cute and creative, especially if made in the shape of a heart. Make sure you select meaningful photographs from the beginning of your relationship, such as your first date, the first trip you took together, etc. 

Girlfriend Gifts

Apart from couple photographs, you can include photos with her family, her dearest friends, or her loving pet. Physical photos are a thoughtful present, given nowadays most photographs are on the phone or computer. There are numerous ideas for creative gifts for girlfriend by thinking outside the box. A photo collage is an inexpensive present, but the idea is simply adorable. 

Provide her with an unforgettable experience

Another handy tip for selecting the best gift for your girlfriend is providing her with an unforgettable experience. For example, you can provide her with tickets to a concert, a play, or a museum that she has been planning to go to but never found the time. This gesture demonstrates that you are a good listener and care about the stuff that makes your girlfriend happy. 

Furthermore, a couple’s experience is not just a thoughtful present but also an opportunity for some bonding time. Why not book a massage for couples or organize a weekend getaway you would both enjoy. Investing in unforgettable memories is always more appreciated than receiving a typical present, particularly if your partner is an adventurist. 

There are several ways to plan a surprise. However, most of them are passe. If you want to make it a birthday that she will remember, then we have an idea for you. Why not take the help of a leading gifting platform like BloomingBox and get gifts delivered to her every couple of hours? Start with desserts, cakes, then move on to flowers, and hamper packs! She will love a new surprise every hour and never ever forget about the same.

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Make a hamper basket

Another creative idea for getting the best gift for your girlfriend is making a hamper basket by selecting her favorite products and decorating them. Some of the best hamper baskets include body lotions, soap, butter, perfumes, etc. Such a hamper will provide your girlfriend with a spa experience in her home.

If you’re willing to make an extra effort, why not create some homemade bath bombs and include them in the hamper? The initial step of making a bath bomb is selecting an essential oil and getting the rest of the necessary ingredients, including cornstarch, citric acid, and baking soda. You should mix two cups of cornstarch with a single cup of citric acid and almost two cups of baking soda. Find some small spray bottles and fill them with water. 

The following step is measuring one cup of the mixture and adding small water amounts to it by using the spray bottle. The mixture is considered ready when it doesn’t fall apart when squeezed. Then, the essential oil should be added to the mixture, no more than six drops. The final step is putting the mixture in small baking molds. See this URL,, for a fizzy bath bomb recipe. 

In conclusion

Thinking ahead is always helpful when deciding on a gift. 

Your girlfriend will appreciate the effort!