Where Is The White Elephant Kratom Grown? What Are Its Benefits?

The Kratom plant or White Elephant Kratom has enjoyed a steadily rising popularity in recent years. It has been called by the scientific name of Mitragyna speciosa too. It is a type of evergreen plant prevalent in the numerous tropical jungles and deciduous forested regions of Southeast Asia. The countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Borneo, and others host perfect conditions for cultivating it. These regions have a hot, humid climate and almost year-long rainfall and wet weather conditions. The tropical climate coupled with the warm, equatorial sunshine provides the best environment for the cultivation and harvest of it and all its varieties. Due to the harvestable nature of the plant, it is not surprising that they have been a form of herbal medicine in the indigenous communities of these areas for centuries.

One of the many diverse strains of the Kratom plant is the White Elephant. It is a variety of White Vein Kratom. Red Vein, Green Vein, and Gold Vein Kratom are some common varieties of it. All of these enjoy certain distinct qualities that set them apart from the other strains. Some are well known for their natural analgesic properties, making them helpful in pain relief. Some strains of Kratom help with anxiety, stress release, and feelings of depression. A few kinds of Kratom claim to be beneficial in aiding opiate withdrawal, but this claim is contested. Overall, the diverse types of it treat a variety of conditions. 

White Elephant Kratom generally comes from the island province of Sumatra in the archipelago nation of Indonesia. Sumatra is famous for its lush tropical rainforests, evergreen jungles, and a torrid, tropical climate all year round. This climate provides perfect conditions for the cultivation of White Elephant Kratom. In the case of White Elephant, it is known as ‘elephant’ because the leaves of the Kratom tree grow to a large size resembling elephant ears. Hence, these big, flappy ear-like leaves have given this particular strain of it the name. The vast ears are full to the brim with the elements such as alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These are the elements that give it all its qualities. 

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The location of Indonesia’s deep, dense rainforests with its humid climate, hot weather, rich fertile soil, and plenty of rainfall provides the perfect environment for White Elephant Kratom. These specific conditions and the largely inaccessible terrain where it is grown mean it is exceedingly rare, and its supply is smaller than its demand. Moreover, White Elephant Kratom requires a lot of care and attention, and the trees need a long time to grow. The Kratom plant goes through various stages and processes before the White Elephant is perfect for harvest. 

Apart from this information about where and how it’s grown, here are some benefits of White Elephant Kratom:

Stress And Muscle Tension Release 

This strain of Kratom provides the benefit of aiding relief from constant stress and worry. Stress doesn’t just affect a person’s mental health, but it also causes several physical symptoms. These symptoms are seen as minor hassles but can still affect a productive daily routine. Stress causes issues such as muscle tension and taut limbs, which can be very uncomfortable for the person experiencing this. White Elephant Kratom is understood to be quite helpful in mitigating these adverse effects of stress and pain. It has analgesic and sedative properties, so it cumulatively provides pain relief in addition to the feeling of calm and peace in the consumer. 

Mood Enhancement 

Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety often lead to emotions of sadness, despair, and a lack of productivity. In these instances, the mood of the person who has a mental illness is significantly blown. There is a considerable dip in the mood, and the negative emotions can overwhelm the positive ones. While it is essential to seek help from mental health professionals, many people also use natural supplements or medicines to help with their symptoms of depression. White Elephant Kratom is quite common in its use as a mood enhancer due to its high concentration of alkaloids. It is rich in alkaloids like 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and others that supposedly protect the dopamine neurons, which are responsible for creating the sensations of happiness in our brains. 

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Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is another mental illness that many people go through in the modern world. It causes jitters, stress, muscle tension, and many other symptoms. These anxiety-like symptoms often make it difficult for people to operate in their daily lives. White Elephant Kratom is renowned for its ability to help people deal with anxiety symptoms. White Elephant Kratom can reduce these symptoms due to its sedative properties. It appears as an herbal option that promotes feelings of calmness, peace, and a general enhancement of the mood in the people that consume it. The alkaloids present in the strain effectively protect the dopamine neurons that create feelings of happiness in our minds.

Improved Focus 

Another notable benefit of White Elephant Kratom is its ability to improve focus and concentration. Many people commonly experience states of mind like feeling distracted and easily sidetracked. However, some people tend to experience these irritating emotions more than others. In a situation like this, White Elephant Kratom provides effective and needed assistance. This strain of it can efficiently improve focus and concentration in a person, thereby aiding them in finishing the task or activity they set out to do in the first place.


To conclude, this article serves as a guide to kratom strains. White Elephant Kratom is an incredibly unique type of it with a myriad variety of benefits. Its cultivation and harvest in the dense rainforests in Indonesia in a hot, humid climate only add to its rare and exceptional qualities. It is effective in combating pain and muscle tension in addition to anxiety-related issues. It can adequately assist stress release and mood enhancement too. Overall, it is an excellent strain of Kratom to choose from. It must be consumed after consultation with a physician and only in its suggested doses.