4 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Rented Apartment

Making Your Rented Apartment Feel Like Home
Some apartments are luxurious, but most are designed solely with functionality in mind. Still, just because your apartment has a sort of “cookie cutter” quality to its design doesn’t mean it has to feel as though it’s just a rental unit.

You can really make it feel like home, and even as though it was something more than the basic apartment it is. Following we’re going to briefly explore four ways to upgrade Your Rented Apartment

  1. Mirrors Everywhere
    Mirrors do a lot of things. They spread light. They impart a feeling of greater space to a room than there actually is. They give you an opportunity to check your “look” before you leave, and right after you get home. Furthermore, you can buy mirrors about four feet high and a foot wide for $7 at Walmart.

For a hundred dollars you can get fourteen mirrors and put them up wherever. Your space will feel larger, it will be more well-lit, and there’s a definite element of style to these things which will make your unit stand out.

  1. Flowers Freshen Everything
    Another thing you can do is add flowers to your space to really make it feel like home. Put some by the front door. If you have a back door or a patio, put some there as well. If you just have windows, then put flowers like bookends on either window.

Maybe a bouquet in the center of the dining table is a good idea. Also, you can grow flowers if you like, rather than just getting a bouquet. Flora really enhances a home, be it owned or rental.


  1. Furniture Design and Room Separators
    If you’ve got a room that’s 15 beet by 15 feet, that’s 225 square feet. This is likely your living room area, you’ve probably got an attached dining room and kitchen, then there’s a bathroom and a bedroom. Altogether, that makes up around 500 square feet. Well, in the big living room area, you’ll be tempted to put the TV on one wall, and the couch on the other.
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However, a better idea might be splitting the room in half like a sandwich using space dividers. You can find some really decent options online for like $50. Now, you can have one side of the room be your office, and the other be your relaxation space; and both will feel distinct. The apartment will actually seem larger.

  1. Film That Replicates the Look of Stained Glass on Windows
    There is film which adheres to glass through moisture. For about $20, you can cover a big bay window, depending on the quality of the film. Such film is often designed to look like stained glass. This simple step can turn every window in your unit into a multi-colored kaleidoscope.

Upgrading Your rented Apartment Cost-Effectively
Stained glass film, room separators, flowers, and mirrors can all be acquired cost-effectively, and will all enhance the aesthetic of your rental unit. If you’ve got the time, and a little extra cash, consider these points.