5 Benefits of Rub and Tug massage

Nowadays, there are lots of physical therapies that are very effective in managing modern day health complications.  One such remedy is massage therapy. Its modern form is built on techniques that have been in use since ancient times hence there are various types of massage that you can opt for depending on your specific needs.  For getting a good massage the best oil is required and if you’re a therapist and love to relax your clients, then a massage oil heater is a must-have like the one you get at https://lumbuy.com/best-massage-oil-warmerSo, what is a rub and tug massage? And what are some of the benefits associated with it?

Well, this article talks about rub and tug which is basically an erotic massage and but with certain restrictions. For instance, one has to be of a certain legal age to be allowed into the premises and get the services. Here are the advantages.

  • Relaxation

One of the main objectives of this kind of massage is to induce relaxation. Modern day lifestyle has a lot of hassles that might take a toll on you if you don’t have a way of relieving the stress. 

After a long hectic week at work, one needs to unwind and rejuvenate. This type of body work gives you just that. It facilitates the release of all tension that has built up within your body thus leaving you feeling refreshed. 

The fact that it induces relaxation makes it suitable for relieving other forms of pressure too, for example, anxiety.

  • Relieves muscular pain

Muscles tend to get cramped up when excessively engaged or upon engagement when they are deconditioned. 

It can cause a lot of pain that might hinder you from carrying on with your daily activities. A good massage will reduce the tension in the muscles thereby relieving the pain. 

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This is of great benefit, especially, to athletes who suffer from muscular problems from time to time due to their rigorous training and performance. 

Combined with other activities such as yoga it can help them to avoid most of the muscle injuries that are common among sportspeople. Read some insights here.

  • Resolves insomnia issues

Insomnia is mostly associated with mental disarrays that can either be mild or strong. The former doesn’t have serious repercussions and tends to fade away on its own after a short period. 

The latter, on the other hand, can cause serious health complications if the issue is not addressed. While it is true that sleeping pills are effective for inducing sleep they are not suitable for long-term use. 

One might end up getting dependent on them and this will inhibit normal functioning of the body. Thus, massage is a good alternative to the pills because it helps take care of the issue in a natural manner without inducing any dependency.

  • Promotes intimacy

It is recommended that couples should engage in activities that spice up their intimate relationship from time to time. 

Massage is one such activity that can help the couple bond well. Rub and tug is the best when it comes to this due to its erotic nature. Various hormones are released in the process to make both parties feel good and close to each other. (thermi.com)  

This can help avoid a lot of quarrels between those who are in a relationship, especially, married couples. It breaks the monotony and brings flavor to life.

  • Boosts the immune system
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It improves the functioning of the immune system by promoting circulation and increasing the number of white cells. 

These are the cells that fight off disease-causing substances thus an increase in their number and efficient circulation makes the immune system more effective in its functions. 

As mentioned before, the process also aids in secretion of various hormones that further boosts the health of an individual. Other than that, it allows certain toxins to be flushed out of the system. 

All these strengthens the immune system and contribute to the well-being of the individual. Click here to read more.


Massage therapy or Rub and Tug massage is an effective means of coping up with a hectic lifestyle. It helps relieve the stress that has built up over time thus makes you feel rejuvenated. It can relieve muscular pain that is caused by tension build-up, resolve insomnia, boost the immune system, and promote intimacy in marriage life when done by partners. However, due to the nature of rub and tug one should be careful to avoid breaking the law since it is a restricted practice. If you are getting the services from a parlor, make sure that they have a body rub license and are adhering to the rules.