How To Choose The Right Custom Coin

The idea of a challenge coin is not a new one. Military organizations have used coins as souvenirs for decades, and now businesses, nonprofits, schools, and other organizations are taking advantage of their popularity to build brand loyalty and establish themselves as an industry leader. Custom  challenge coin can be part of your branding strategy, by encapsulating the right design and message. Like any print ad or logo, your business needs to consider the most effective way to communicate your brand’s goals, products, or services.


Custom challenge coins most commonly range from 1.5” to 3” in diameter, although both larger and smaller coins are available. The most popular size is two inches. 

Choosing a coin size requires balancing the need for design, portability, visual impact, and weight. But that doesn’t mean there’s one best size for everyone’s needs. Your custom coin provider can help you determine the best coin size for your specific requirements.  


The most common shape for custom challenge coins is round. But you are not in any way limited to that. Modern production techniques mean you can order coins in virtually any shape you can imagine. 


Designing your coin isn’t difficult. Think about what you want to show as representing your group. 

The experienced professionals at a reputable coin provider can help you design your custom challenge coin just like you want. They will even recommend the size which will best fit your design.


Typically, there are 11 possible platings for making a custom challenge coin. These include Gold, Antique Gold, Silver, Antique Silver, Brass, Antique Brass, Nickel, Black Nickel, Antique Nickel, Copper, and Antique Copper.

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The type of plating you pick will depend on what you want the coin to look like and the dominant colors or design on your coin. For instance, nickel and silver work best with the Navy and Air Force. Brass is usually used in the Marines and Army.

Antique platings give the coin an older or weathered look. Gold is famous for its inherently perceived value. Black nickel is ideal for special applications when you want to highlight a specific part of your coin’s design.

Coin Options

You can choose from a range of options when designing your coins. You can select from cutouts, engraved edges, sequential numbering, and more. 

Diamond-cut edges are an exceptionally popular option. They add sparkle and depth to your coins. Popular styles include Wave Cut, Cross Cut, Oblique Cut and Slash Cut. (Xanax) You can also get a Reeded Edge similar to a quarter.


Coin pricing depends on the coin size, options, cutouts, colors and more. Your coin provider will work with you to give you the best looking coins for your needs regardless of your budget.

There you have it! The above factors are important considerations when creating a custom challenge coin. A good coin provider will be glad to help you balance all the factors involved in crafting your perfect coin design.