Experiment with these exceptional men’s hat styles in 2022 

Do you know about different hat styles? How knowledgeable are you regarding the ins and outs of different categories? Do you think fedora hats are the only option available in the market? Well, you are mistaken. There is a variety of headwear to overwhelm you. Today, hundreds and thousands of materials help in manufacturing headwear. Some are decorative, some practical, whereas others are impressive. Hats are ideal for different occasions, and thereby different headwear has popped up in the fashion industry. 

Since ancient times, men wore headwear for the practical purpose of protecting themselves from wind, rain, sun, and snow. With time, things have changed, and today men wear headwear to create a sense of fashion. Social and practical reasons have been central since the other half of the 20th century. The reason contributed immensely to different hat designs emerging in the style sector. Hence, it resulted in different categories of headgear for fashion purposes and some for a good drive. 

Understand hat anatomy in detail

First and foremost, you must appreciate the different terms associated with hat style. Only knowing the categories is not enough. Thus, you have to be cautious of the following points: 


  •  The crown: The crown is one of the first areas you must explore. It is the topmost characteristic of the headwear covering your head. Based on the hat style, it may be tall or short. Crown differs in different hat styles. You have the temporary crown as well as the long crown. Moreover, the crease, pinch, and dent make the hat crown different in shape and appearance. There are different types of the crease that include teardrop, round, and center. 
  •  The brim: The second significant part of the headwear is the brim. It is the part below the crown that is the horizontal edge protruding and encircling the base of the crown. The brim is the part that provides shade and covers your face, ears, and neck. Several men’s headwear comes with narrow, wide, floppy, upturn, stiff, and curled brims. The styles depend on the brim characteristic. Various hats do not even have a brim as these are the peak or visor. 
  •   The band: For most individuals aware of the headwear may not know about the band. The hatband is a decorative strip encircling the base of the crown. It is the third significant part of the headwear. Moreover, the fabric plays a very critical role. It is a prominent feature of different categories of headwear. 
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Now explore men’s hairstyles

Now that you know much about hat anatomy, it’s time to delve deep into different men’s hat styles. Check out the list given below to guide you in your selection of headwear. 

  • Panama: The Panama headwear hails from Ecuador and has gained prominence since the 1850s. It is a typical Ecuadorian headwear that has some thriving features to grab your attention. Back then, people used to wear hats for protective purposes. However, things have changed, and today Panama hats are used for vacation mode and casual dressing. Panama hats are traditionally made from straw, which gives them lightweight and breathability. 

Along with this, you have toquilla straw headwear coming from plants grown in the Equatorial region. This headwear manipulates different characteristics to help you with shade and attractive appearance. Panama hats have a medium height, and there are other ways of styling with this headwear. 

  • The fedora’ssecond most critical famous men’s headwear is the fedora. The angled brim and center crease with pinched side makes the fedora hat a distinct headwear in the crowd. Moreover, the lightweight and breathability of mens fedora hats add to their popularity. Hat makers commonly used rabbit felt, wool, and cashmere. However, today you have hemp, leather, and cotton used for manufacturing fedora hats. 
  •   Trilby hats: People misunderstand trilby hats with fedora’s earlier category. People are first flaunted in different plays featured on the main character. Traditionally, these hats come from rabbit hair felt. However, you have fur, tweed, heavy cotton, and straw to make trilby hats. However, the narrow brim and short crown are unique to trilby hats. 
  •  Bowler hats:Bowler hats are also popular as Derby hats. These are hard-felt headwear with a bowl-shaped rounded crown. The brim is narrow and curled upward. Bowler hats originated as a significant part of the uniform. However, today you have people using bowler hats with casual dresses. This headwear is available in different shapes, sizes, and textures. You have patterned bowler hats that are gaining prominence in the fashion industry. 
  •  Top hats:Since the late 1700s and early 1800s, top hats have become standard headwear popular among men. The tall crown, medium brim, and flattop make top hats an attractive headpiece. You have grey and black silk top hats with a curled brim to create a story. These go well with western formal dress codes. 
  • Newsboy caps:Newsboy caps are very similar to flat hats. The visor shape and design make them so. However, these gaps have eight panels that give it around the body. It has a button located at the top, which provides a distinct appeal to the wearer. Men of diverse occupations and ages can wear newsboy caps to style themselves, unlike the name suggests. Ever since the 20th century, you see newsboy caps got widely used in the fashion industry. It has become a viable headwear used for accessorizing men’s outfits. 
  • Homberg: Homberg is a vintage headwear that has become the staple of Men’s wardrobe. Today, it is well established in the fashion industry. This headwear come from felt with a medium crown and central crease. The brim width is medium and flat. Moreover, curled edges give the wearer a distinct charm. These hats also have silk headbands tied around the crown. 
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Today, there are multiple options available before you in the market. The list never ends here. You also have a pork pie and flat caps to help you dress for casual events. Hence, you have to understand each of these categories in detail before selecting one.