Phone Addiction: 5 Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone

Introduction –

Are you experiencing a sudden lag in your productivity? Do you spend more Time On Your Phone

Are you feeling dizzy all day long?

Are you spending less time with your friends and family members?

The reason behind all these questions can be a single one, and that is; you are using your phone too much. 

Just the way individuals can get addicted to substances such as alcohol and drugs, they also can get addicted to digital gadgets. We are living in a digital age, where we have access to high-end gadgets all the time. 

In this situation, getting addicted to any of them is totally normal. 

At the same time, just the way alcohol or drug addiction comes with a lot of both physical and mental health-related consequences, digital addiction also comes with some. The most common type of digital addiction is phone addiction. 

5 Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone

You might not know when you have started investing too much of your time on your phone. This might lead to phone addiction. Just the way you opt for a detox or rehabilitation center from a popular Dallas rehabilitation center, you also can opt for proper treatment for digital or phone addiction. 

But, before you opt for treatment, you need to ensure that you have developed an addiction to cell phone usage or not. Here are some signs you can look for to understand. 

Sign 1: You Constantly Compare Yourself With Others

Do you get jealous when you find your social media friends are showing off what they are doing? 

Do you feel sad when you see their social media stories full of party videos, photos, travel scenes, and other great things? 

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Are the things which used to make you happy not making anymore? 

We all are humans. Thus, a little envy is totally natural. However, when comparisons are making your life overwhelmed, it might be due to your spending too much time with your phone. In case you are a frequent social media user, this might get worse. 

Social media platforms always encourage users to post jealousy-inducing, most exciting content, as these types of content attract the most likes and retweets. 

Sign 2: You Catch Yourself Phubbing Your Friends, Family, And Partner

Suppose you walk into a restaurant with your friend or family. 

It is the perfect time to spend with your loved ones. If you take out your cell phone from your pocket and start scrolling Instagram feeds or chatting with someone else instead of giving time to your family and friends, we must say, you are addicted to your cell phone. 

This is a really common scenario for almost everyone. Still, some of them are still normal and spend quality time without looking at the phone. In case you are one of them, who always sticks to their phones and phubbing your family, friends, and partner, you might be suffering from phone addiction. 

Sign 3: Your Phone Is The Last And First Thing You See Everyday

When you get addicted to your phone, before saying good morning to yourself, you first unlock your phone and start checking it. We do not think we need to mention that it is not at all the right way to start your day. 

At the same time, you might end the day by looking at your phone. It is the worst thing you can do to sleep. Staring at your phone before sleep not only makes it difficult to fall asleep quickly but also hampers the quality of your sleep. 

Taking your phone to the bed is, first of all, not approved by any of the health experts. That is why doctors always advise you to put your phone away from babies and children when they are sleeping. The infrared rays affect the health of children. 

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The same is also applicable to grown-ups as well, but we tend to overlook those and continue using our phones in bed. 

Sign 4: You Can Not Remember The Last Time You Spent Alone And Unstimulated

Our cell phones always provide us with effortless escape routes, along with unpleasant sensations, like anxiety, boredom, regret, and everything vanishes with a click. 

Probably you make these escapes in social settings and when you are alone. Suppose you are at a cocktail party where you do not know anyone, or you are just stuck at a red light. During these situations, you scroll down through your social media feeds on your phone.

This might increase the level of dopamine, the feel-good hormone, but at the same time, you are avoiding the exact problem you need to address and fix. This way, your phones are becoming a barrier to addressing and solving a particular issue. 

Can you remember when you last spent some alone time, even without your phone? 

Sign 5: You Are Nomophobic

One of the easiest ways to judge whether you are too much into using your phone is to gauge how you are feeling when you are not using one. 

What is the first thought that comes into your head when you realize you have left your charger home? 

Do you feel anxious? 

If the answer is yes, you might be suffering from nomophobia, which is the short form of “no mobile phone phobia.” in order to gauge this, the experts measure anxiety or fear about the followings, 

  • Giving up convenience.
  • Losing connectedness.
  • Not being able to connect.
  • Not being able to access information. 

How To Spend Less Time With Your Device

If you are searching for ways to spend less time with your phone or other electronic devices, here are some really efficient and effective solutions for you. 

  • Recognize your applications.
  • Replace reclaimed time productively.
  • Banish your phone from the bedroom. 
  • Set up recurring freedom blocks, particularly for phone-free times. 
  • During face-to-face interactions, put your phone down. 

Final Thoughts

In case you are experiencing the symptoms and signs we have mentioned earlier, it might be time to take some effective actions. You can use the tips and tricks we have mentioned above to overcome your phone addiction. 

Still, if you are unable to cope, it is time to consult with an expert and get the necessary assistance.