7 Reasons Why Teenagers Are Prone To Addiction

The teenage years of our life are all about exploring new possibilities and learning more about the world as we approach adulthood. 

For instance, many of us tend to understand how to manage our time while others focus more on finding a new hobby altogether. 

However, not everything we experience during our teenage years is flowers and happiness, though. Sometimes, we tend to fall onto the dark side of life and get into something that’s almost impossible to recover from. 

Drug addiction is one of them. 

As per a research module, almost 55% of addicts generally started using recreational drugs while they were teens. 

Why did they do that?

Well, the answer to this question may vary from one individual to another. 

Hence, to offer some clarity, we’ve provided information on seven different reasons that may make an individual get interested in drugs. 

If you find any of the following relatable to your child, don’t forget to talk to them personally. In case you discover that they’ve already become addicted to drugs, make sure to visit Ocean Recovery today. They’ll help you and your kid as efficiently as possible.

Why Do Teenagers Use Drugs? 

As mentioned before, teenagers using drugs has become a pretty common scenario, especially in the USA. Here are some factors that generally lead them to this conclusion. 

1. Social Pressure 

Social pressure, or more precisely, peer pressure, is considered to be one of the most prominent causes of drug addiction amongst teens. It usually happens when someone tries to consume alcohol or something similar to impress their social circle. 

In most cases, they do it to fit in somewhere, rather than doing it as a personal choice. 

Social pressure can also occur with someone you’re dating or from your older sibling. In the beginning, you will only start out through getaway drugs. Nonetheless, after some time, they get addicted to it and begin abusing the same. 

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2. Unstable Psychological Health 

In their adolescence, we tend to be pretty emotional and fragile. During this period, we tend to struggle with changing hormones and mood swings altogether. This, in turn, can lead us to consume drugs to find some solace and peace. 

In most cases, they think that drinking alcohol or smoking pot can help them relax a little. It definitely does so, but it also affects your brain function and increases your level of anxiety or depression even more.

3. Family History 

Like alcohol, drug addiction runs in the family as well. For instance, if your grandfather and father were into meth, there’s a huge chance of you doing the same too. Teens with a family history of substance abuse can also develop the same after a certain period. 

4. The Environment 

As teens, we all generally look at our parents or older siblings as a source of inspiration while growing up. Therefore, if even a single one of them is using drugs in front of you, you may start doing the same later on.

An enabling environment can also occur when someone from your family does not reprimand what you have been doing. It can include not scolding you for bad grades or skipping classes. Teens without any mentor or parental guidance are more prone to this type of problem. 

5. Having Access To Drugs 

Teenagers that have drugs available or accessible to them may also get influenced by the decision to use drugs. The type of community or neighborhood they live in can increase their overall exposure even more. This also includes the school or college they’re going to.

If you have controlled substances in your house, make sure to keep a lock on the medicine cabinet. Keeping the same away from your child’s eyes can also be beneficial for you. 

Besides, you will also have to keep an eye on your son or daughter’s internet usage, as some people can buy illegal drugs online as well. 

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6. Experimental Personality 

A teenager, especially someone with an experimental personality, can also fall into the trap of addiction and suffer from its negative impacts. For instance, if you have a risk-taking characteristic, you may consider taking drugs to experiment with how it feels. 

In case you like, you will start taking the same regularly. This, in turn, will prompt you to become an addict automatically. 

Experimental people are more prone to experience the adverse effects of drug consumption, as they tend to mix up various things to boost the results. 

Finally, people, who consume energy drinks regularly, tend to have a higher chance of using alcohol and drugs. It usually happens due to their behavior patterns and personality traits. 

7. Going Through A Trauma 

Many people, especially during their childhood, tend to go through a particularly traumatic experience. Hence, in the hope of reducing their overall anxiety and state of depression. In this case, the addiction starts as a situational habit and then escalates pretty quickly. 

If your kid is going through such a trauma, make sure to visit a psychiatrist right away. Sharing your experience with them can assist the child in coping with their problem efficiently and avoiding taking drugs altogether. 

The Bottom Line 

Our life is filled with hurdles, and taking care of all of them alone isn’t possible. Hence, if you think that your child is going through a difficult period, make sure to stay by their side. Ask them about what’s been happening and offer a solution from your side. 

Also, even if you find out the news of them being addicted to drugs, avoid reacting too much. It may affect their psychological condition and make them prone to addiction even more. 

Hence, instead of being angry, try to be a little less reactive and focus on taking care of this issue. Yes, visiting an addiction care center will be beneficial for both of you. But, as a parent, being there during a challenging phase of your kid’s life will be much appreciated.