Three different flavors of e-liquid

So many people, so many preferences. And that’s how it should be of course, otherwise it would be a boring world. Because there’s so much difference in taste between people, there’s a lot of e-liquids to choose from for your e-cigarette. From extraordinary flavors like aloe vera, popcorn or energy drinks to e-liquids with the taste of a regular cigarette. To add to this there are several fruity flavors and menthol and minty options. Something for any vaper basically. Since you can easily switch between flavors after the e-liquid is all vaped, you can go for a different flavor every time. In this blog we’ll dive deeper into three specific flavors of e-liquid

Tobacco flavor

Lots of people are quitting smoking old fashioned cigarettes because of all the health hazards that come with it. To smooth into definitely quitting often people switch to an e-cigarette with tobacco flavored e-liquid in it. You can choose between different levels of nicotine to phase out of vaping/smoking nicotine all together. For there are many different types of tobacco you can have a pick of several tobacco flavors like Turkish tobacco, rich tobacco, heavy tobacco, shag and certain blends.

Watermelon and other fruit flavors

If you’ve never vaped you probably have smelled the fruity vapes of others. Lots of people even think these are the only flavors for e-cigarettes, what of course is not the case. But anyway there are dozens of fruit flavors like watermelon, strawberry, kiwi and peach. And if you want to go for something more exotic there are flavors such as pineapple, eucalyptus, pomegranate and passion fruit.

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Vanilla, chocolate and caramel

If you’re more into other sweet flavors like dessert-like flavors, there is also enough to choose from. There is an entire category of e-liquids consisting of cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate and donuts. While choosing your flavor, regardless which one, it is also important to take into mind what the PG/VG ratio should be. If you go for a higher amount of VG there’s a smoother feeling while vaping, but a bit less taste compared to an e-liquid with more PG in it.