Helpful Advice from Bishops Cuts/Color In Charlotte North Carolina About Your Hair 

Ever heard of the phrase, “if in doubt, go lighter”? This is a common occurrence in many beauty salons nowadays. When you’re not sure what color to change your hair to, going lighter is always the better option.

Not many hairdressers will give you the right advice you are looking for, especially if it’s the first time you visit a salon. This guide may help you come up with the right decisions regarding your hair color, so you can look just as fabulous as those red-carpet celebrities you see every day.

First, the basics.

Down to The Basics of Hair Color

If you are looking for some basic tips and tricks regarding hairs tint, the below information may just help you to find the best and most unique tones for your particular mane.

Because hair is different for everyone, and so is their original tones, no two peoples will look the same. Your best friend’s red hair may not look the same on you as it does on her and vice versa. The results will differ based on a few different things, such as:

  • Underlying skin tones i.e. – neutral, warm or cool
  • The texture of the hair
  • Permanent or temporary color
  • If you’ve got virgin hair or pre-colored

And more

The development of the hues works differently for different hair types and how much of it has already been processed previously. Your hairdresser should be able to make the right decision and accommodate your preferences, at the same time.

The Shade Grid

Just like artists use a color grid, hairdressers use a shaded grid to determine what color will suit them best. If you have a hue already in mind, you can speak to them about it and discuss what works best and whether it would result in the same tone or not. 

With the help of the grid, the correct, and more fitting tone and the result can be achieved. Your starting shade and the result can be found on the grid. The numbers on the grid go from the darkest to the lightest i.e. from black (typically no.1) to blonde (typically labeled as no.10) 

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There are 12 shades in total and it is comprised of contrasting hues opposite each other on a wheel or a grid. It is a great indicator of harmonizing together various pigmentations if you are looking for the best color to dye your hair with. More on this can be found on this online source.

How Your Skin Tone Will Influence your Decision

Choosing the right shade to go perfectly with your skin tone, is also something you should consider. People have all sorts of skin tones from fair to dark, and when you choose a shade that enhances this, you could look amazing. The fact of the matter is, many people are still puzzled about how to tell, so besides a few other ways of finding out such as those mentioned here:  there are also some quick and common ways to get a better idea, let’s see a few common ones below:

Option 1: one of the ways to get a better understanding of your underlying tone is by standing next to a window with a mirror and focusing on the area below your eyes, if your skin underneath looks blue or purple, you would most likely be of a cool undertone. If it’s more on the yellow side, then this would indicate a warm undertone.

Option 2: This is also another way to find out and all you need to do is use blush. Place two different shades on each cheek i.e. pink blush on one and a peach-colored blush on the other. Place it more heavily than you normally would. The pink one should pick up pink undertones which means you are cool, while if the peach one picks up golden ones, then you are more on the warm side.

The basic idea is for cool-toned people to wear pink and warm toned people to lean towards the peach hues to bring out the best in you.  

Option 3: if your skin burns quicker than most types, you would typically be considered to have a cool tone. The difference is, that warmer people tend to tan quicker than most, thus leaving your skin a browner shade.

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Option 4: one of the easiest ways to tell is by looking at your wrists. If your veins are green or have a greenish hue, then you would have a warm tone and if it is towards a bluer tint then you are a cool tone. If, however you see a mix of both, then the chances are you would be neutral. Which are common ones and most hair tint suit, neutral-toned people. 

Based on these, you can find out exactly what you are and choose anywhere from a blonder to a brown or brunette shade for your hair. In addition, don’t forget the color of your eyes. Some hair dyes accentuate your eye color and can look fabulous on you.


Choices for Warm and Cool Tones

So, now that you may have had a better idea of what your underlying tone is, you can now choose the color you desire. Bishops Cuts/Color Charlotte has some great advice for you regarding this, below. Let’s look at a few options that both warm and cool skin tones would look good in.

Color for Warm Tones

As expected, warm colors would look best on you. Hence, anything that indicates gold, copper or bronze would work. Either on the home color box kit or at the salon.

Color for Cool Tones

Similarly, cool colors would look best in this category. Look for words that include ‘ash’, ‘champagne,’ or ‘platinum’ to suit you best. These will also tone down any brassy shades on your existing hair if you are looking for that.

Those with more translucent or pale skin, look great with ash hues, as well as burgundy or red varieties.

If, however, you are not entirely sure yet, opt to go for neutral shades, which could work on almost anyone. Hopefully, this information will help you walk into a salon with more confidence the next time around, knowing exactly what you want.