Play safe with secure passwords for all your gaming accounts

Passwords are vitally important when it comes to keeping our personal accounts safe, but many of us still take a casual attitude towards creating them. Have you ever used the same security questions when signing up for multiple accounts, or stuck with easy passwords that are simple to remember? If so, you’re not alone. Although the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recommends we choose complex passwords and regularly update our security information, people often do the opposite. This is because forgetting a password is all too common and regaining access is a time-consuming process. – your gaming accounts

Taking your time will pay dividends 

Nevertheless, to avoid having your payment details or other personal data hacked, securing your accounts is prudent. With your password, a hacker can open up your gaming site accounts, social media pages and more. Along with the stress this will cause, you can also find yourself with a series of financial problems that won’t go away. 

Steps to keep yourself safe online

Opening a new account and finding new forms of online entertainment can be exciting, but it makes sense to be cautious in the initial stages. When you search for casino bonuses at, you can select the ideal offer from a massive collection of verified casinos. The listings include details on the bonus amount, the number of free spins you’re given and even a convenient link to the casino’s website. Choosing websites that you know are safe is a great idea, but to keep your new account or accounts safe, there are a few more steps to follow:

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Simple ideas that help lock down your gaming accounts

From hiding an IP address to virtual machines, online security may seem daunting. However, there are many simple ways of keeping yourself safe when you log onto a gaming account. In the short term, it’s about selecting a mix of letters, numbers and symbols to build an extremely secure password. Then, follow the same procedure for each casino account you have. That means if one of your gaming accounts is hacked, your others have the best chance of remaining secure.

What to avoid

With a few basic pieces of information, often scraped from our social media pages, a hacker can quickly crack the average password. All too often we choose our birthdays, pets’ names or favorite holiday destinations to keep our most valuable information safe. For optimal security, however, these obvious passwords should be avoided. The same is true for words that you might find in a dictionary. Even long, random and complex words can be found in minutes by hackers using dictionary checker software.

Be aware of unsecured connections

You should also take care to use a secure Wi-Fi or wired connection when adding payment details or entering a password for one of your accounts. Connections that are available in libraries, cafes and on public transport are free, but as they are rarely as secure as the Wi-Fi in your home, your information can be intercepted by criminals.