Why Do Slots Use Fruit As Symbols?

Slot machines go back more than 100 years and they were one of the first games found in official land-based casinos. The history of slot machines is quite impressive actually. It all started more than a century ago when Charles Fey built the first-ever commercial slot machine in San Francisco, California.- Slots Use Fruit

The first slot machine was called “The Liberty Bell” and it was responsible for starting a movement that will shape the future of gambling. The intellectual rights of these machines were later bought by businessman and engineer Harbert S. Mills, who wanted to mass-produce the Liberty Bell and other similar slot machines.

His company perfected the design and became successful very quickly after many interesting collaborations like Coca-Cola and bubble gum vending machines. In fact, this is where the answer to the question ”Why do Slots Use Fruit As Symbols?” lies.

Adoption of Slot Machines

When slots became popular at the beginning of the 20th century, many state governments across the United States legalized gambling by passing acts that limited the availability and reach of slot machines among other gambling activities.

This forced slot manufacturers to change their strategic approach when it comes to building the machines. They’ve implemented the same principles in bubble gum vending machines, where people ‘the player’ will put a coin in the machine, spin the lever, and hope to get lucky and receive a bubble gum.

This is where the fruit symbols became the iconic representation of slot machines.

Basically, the fruits symbolized the flavors of the bubble gums that were being dispensed. 

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During these times, slot machines underwent tremendous changes in style and features. Thanks to all the technological advancements through the decades, slot machines became more complex and began introducing new features, more reels, and more room for additional symbols. 

This is where slot machines began introducing digital elements to the machine, and fruit themes were still the favorite design for slots.

The Real Reason Why Slot Machines Use Fruit Symbols

The process of developing slot machines was long and the real reason why fruits became the most iconic symbols of slot machines is much simpler than you might think.

Fruits are a representation of good health, happiness, and good in general. After all, nobody has ever gotten sick because of eating fruit. Additionally, the aesthetic properties of any fruit with all the different colors make slot machines more pleasant for the eye.

Fruits are pretty, healthy, and on top of that, they are delicious. It would be wrong to use pork chops or veal cutlets as symbols since they are not accepted by all people.

Additionally, fruits are very playable when it comes to design. Different slots from any given time can have differently drawn fruit symbols making them unique in appearance. (kidsviponline.com)

Fruit Symbols in Online Slots

Since fruit symbols became the face of the slots since the beginning of this new trend, online slots are now trying to incorporate some classical designs that give players that unique vibe from slot machines.

There is something special about classic slots that cannot be achieved without using fruit symbols. Even today, with all the digitalization of the slot industry, this trend continues to survive as many new slot machines are based on the same principles.

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Best Fruit Online Slots

Fortunately, there are plenty of slot themes nowadays suitable for everyone’s preference. If we focus on fruit-themed slots, it is hard to imagine an online casino that doesn’t have such games in its library. 

If we take 1Good.Bet as an example we can find many fun-to-play and engaging fruit slots like:

  • Crazy 7s
  • Diamond Strike
  • Extra Juicy
  • Fruit Blox
  • Fruit Monster
  • Fruit Party 2
  • Fruit Rainbow
  • Fruit Shop

So, if you are looking for a classic theme design that includes fruits, make sure to check out some of the slot games in their collection.