Lift Your Look With Lifted Eyebrows

A person looks the most beautiful when all the features on the face complement each other. Whether there is a perfect smile, perfect pointing nose, beautiful eyes, or perfectly shaped brows, all should mingle along to give you a perfect aesthetic look. If anything gets compromised, beauty might get compromised. To deplete this situation, methods are used that bring a younger and more prominent look to your face. Imagine a situation where the face looks good, but the brows are drowning down; how bad it will look. Thus, to prevent this, let us discuss non-surgical brow lifts and Lifted Eyebrows. 

Non-surgical Brow Lift

Reasons For Drooping Eyebrows 

Knowing about the reasons for drooping eyebrows is most important before knowing its treatment. Some of the reasons are explained below, which will decline the chances of drooping eyebrows when prevented.

1. Age 

Moving towards an older age decreases muscle tonicity. Due to the decreased toning of the muscles, they get wrinkled quickly, and the brows droop down, creating a saggy look on the face. Unfortunately, growing old can’t be prevented, but its symptoms can be cured with several medical treatments. 

2. Wrong Treatment Of Face 

Wrong treatment here does not mean taking the wrong medicines, but you must treat your face gently. Habits like scrubbing your face with pressure, harshly rubbing your face with towels, and downward strokes while applying any cream can cause a saggy face. This can be easily prevented by following the methods given in the next section of the article.

3. Diet 

Not keeping yourself hydrated and not taking the required nourishment can make you suffer. Lack of nutrients and water can easily decrease the strength of muscles, and they become loose. Vitamins and minerals are important to tighten the skin and keep it glowy. And if you have an unhealthy diet chart, you are going nowhere with it. 

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4. Decreased Exercise

Exercise is really important. If you are only eating and not doing any exercise, you are in trouble. Obesity is surely coming your way, but your face also starts to get chubby and saggy. The facial muscles become weak and look like gravity pulls your face down. 

Non-surgical Brow Lift
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Non-Surgical Brow Lift – Lifted Eyebrows

A non-surgical Brow lift is an easy and convenient way to highlight your eye portion, including brows. They do not have any side effects, and if some of them cause you any trouble, they are completely curable. It is a far better option than surgical procedures.

1. Medicinal Brow Lift – Lifted Eyebrows

A medicinal brow lift is a convenient way of lifting brows. It does not take much time and instantly affects the face. The medicinal brow lift includes the following:

2. Botulinum Type A 

Botulinum A is the Botox used as a filler to lift the brow. A fine needle containing the botulinum type A is injected under the eyebrows. No local anaesthesia is required. The patient is told to sit upright for 3 to 4 hours and is restricted to rub or touch the portion that has been treated so that the chemical does not shift to any other portion of the face. 

3. Chemical Brow Lift

Other chemicals that are used to lift your brows are Dysport and Xeomin. These chemicals are also beneficial but botox is considered to be the best.

These chemicals might also show some side effects like headaches, rashes, swelling, reddening, bruises, etc. But all of these depend on the doctor’s patient selection.

4. Exercises

There are also some ways by which you can lift your brow without a single side-effect. Exercise can lift your brows and will cause no harm to you.

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5. Lift Your Eyebrows – Lifted Eyebrows

Raise your eyebrows and keep them in a raised position for a few seconds then relax their eyebrows. Repeat this lifting and relaxing of eyebrows 10 to 15 times, this will lift your eyebrows for sure. It is the best non-surgical brow lift method. 

6. Fish Face 

Fish face exercise is a two in one beneficial exercise. You must have done it many times unknowingly. You first have to suck your cheeks in and wide open your eyes. The wide opening lifts the eyebrows and increases their toxicity while sucking the cheeks reduces the double chin. 

7. Face Tapping 

Taking the face after getting up early in the morning is going to help you with drooping eyebrows. Talking to your face increases the blood supply of the facial muscles. With the increased level of blood supply, the skin prevents aging.

Non-surgical Brow Lift

8. Massage face

Massage your face well. Rub your hands together until they get warm and then run them on your face gently. Lift your eyebrows with your finger and massage them giving them an upper stroke. This will avoid the sagging of facial skin. 

How To Take Care Of The Treatment 

Once the treatment is done with botox there are a lot of precautions you have to take like not roaming around in the sun, avoiding medicines like anti-inflammatory and aspiring. Know what can maintain your brow lift below.

Regular Massage 

Messaging your face gently as explained above will help you. You can massage your skin with massaging creams also which will give you the benefits of a cleaner face. 

No stress 

Try taking no stress as stress can make you older before the genuine age of being old. Stress causes wrinkled skin, fine lines and falling skin. 

Healthy Diet 

Follow a healthy diet. Take the required vitamins and minerals to take up the pace of having healthy skin.

Follow The exercises

Do the exercises given above regularly for a non-surgical brow lift. 


This was all about the non-surgical brow lift which can be performed easily without any stress. Try going for the exercises first before taking the medicinal road for your skin because chemicals do have side effects which will remain and won’t go. 


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