A Men’s Guide to Styling Graphic Tees

A graphic tee can be styled with almost anything, from urban streetwear to smart blazers and jeans. T-shirts with printed slogans and designs give the wearer a way of sharing a message with the world, they have continued to be popular throughout the decades.- Styling Graphic Tees

While many of us have a few graphic t-shirts hiding at the back of our closet, it can be difficult to know how to style them for different occasions. Style them incorrectly and your outfit could look childish, garish, or mismatched.

Whether you are someone who tends to wear graphic tees most days of the week, or someone who prefers to keep them as an infrequent fashion choice, here are a few styling considerations that you should always make:

What To Layer on Top of Your Graphic Tee- Styling Graphic Tees

Layering an outfit is key for a put together look and a graphic tee can make an awesome base to begin with. Unless the weather is particularly hot, you should try to pair your shirt with a jacket.

There are a few different jacket options to consider here. For a look that can take you from daytime to casual evening activities, a denim jacket on top is a great option. A leather jacket can also give you a more polished appearance.

Graphic tees are really more of a casual choice and not suited to formal occasions, but if you wish then a tailored blazer can smarten up a smart and make it more appropriate for formal activities like restaurant dining or drinks at a bar.

Choosing the Right Graphic

The focal point of a graphic shirt is of course the printed message or design on its front. For a more sophisticated shirt or a look that doesn’t command too much attention, a more abstract design may be preferred. 

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However, if you are really looking to make a statement and want to put a message out there for others to read, feel free to go for a bold design with a slogan or phrase printed on it. 

The graphic could be in the center of the shirt, or it could even be a repeated pattern that covers both sides of the tee. 

Pick the Color to Suit the Occasion 

As long as your outfit is coordinated, then your color choice is practically unlimited. For more formal occasions, you might wish to stick to a monochrome look with black, white and grayscale designs.

Bright and clashing colors are generally considered to be more casual. You may want to tone these down with plain jeans or a jacket. 

Shirt length needs to be checked for a well put together look

Wearing a shirt that is too short or too long can be unflattering and even make your outfit look a little scruffy. The ideal shirt length is when the shirt ends around your hip, if it covers your bottom then it’s certainly too long.

You should also be able to grab one or two inches of fabric on either side of your stomach. This indicates that your shirt is the appropriate width. 

Do Not Forget to Consider Your Footwear Choice

While many of us will throw on whatever shoes are closest to the front door when leaving in a hurry, your shoes can really make or break the entire outfit. Sneakers often go well with a graphic tee and jeans, but don’t be afraid to try other styles if you’re going for a more formal look.

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Just make sure your shoe color complements the shirt and does not clash with other elements of the outfit.

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