What are the Must-Have Outfits for College Aged Boys?

College. A fun place to be, a place to make friends for life and a place to be finally free of school enforced uniforms and dress codes.  You are free to wear (within reason) what you want.  You can wear something different every single day if you like!  There are lots of things to worry about when starting college, so which clothes to take doesn’t need to be one of them.  It’s not essential to take your entire wardrobe with you to college, just clothes that you will need and clothes that show you know how to put a look together.  Below are some outfits for College Aged Boys that will never fail and also some wardrobe staples that can be mixed and matched effortlessly.  

Wardrobe Essentials

Before we get to specific outfits and combinations, it is worth including some items of clothing that are must-haves.  These are items that keep your look fresh and don’t take up a ton of packing space.  Plain t-shirts in grey, black, and white are going to be the key to most outfits.  Whether these are a base layer or the main show, having these available is important.  These can be different styles of fit but keep the colour plain.  

Similarly, button up shirts need to find their way into your college wardrobe.  Think casual in style such as chequered or pale colours and you won’t go far wrong.  These can be worn as a shirt with buttons fastened or open with a t shirt underneath.  

Footwear is as important as shirts and pants.  White sneakers are so interchangeable it is silly not to pack some.  These don’t need to be $100s in cost, just smart and white.  These can then be worn with casual jeans or for smarter outfits.  It is also worth having a pair or lighter mesh type sneakers which again can be worn with different outfits.  

‘What people forget, is that so many looks can be adapted very easily,’ reports Sophie Christine, an up-and-coming fashion blogger at Essay Services and Boomessays.  ‘Simply changing the colour of a t-shirt can totally transform a look from the day before.’


As a general rule of thumb, the way to look your best with your outfits is to buy your size (obviously) and then go for a skinny fit.  The aim of this is to have slim fitting clothes, not tight-fitting clothes.  Depending on your frame and build, this may or may not be possible.  Layering up can be a great way to be more confident in what you are wearing around campus.  

Specific Outfits
Once you have your essential items, you can move onto specific outfits.  Some of these may not appeal to your taste but remember, college can be a great chance to reinvent yourself and try something new.  This could be with an outfit that you wouldn’t normally wear.

1.The Classic

You will struggle to find anyone on campus that doesn’t wear this outfit.  White t-shirt combined with blue or black jeans and white sneakers.  Already, this outfit combines two items from the essential section so all you need to add are the pants.  This look is simple and required very little effort or thought.  It is great for throwing on when heading to classes or for a casual get together with friends.  The t-shirt and jeans don’t need to be a high-end brand, but some people chose to splash out on a Jack and Jones t-shirt for example and some skinny fit jeans by Levi.  Other brands are available but there is nothing wrong with plain, simple items either.  You will probably wear this outfit the greatest number of times during your college career.  

2.Checked Shirt for College Aged Boys

You can’t go wrong with a checked shirt. They are a timeless classic which are loved by a whole host of people.  They are available in dozens of different colours and styles which make them great for college outfits.  The trick to combining this with pants and footwear is keeping it as simple as possible.  Combine your checked shirt of choice with a darker pair of jeans.  Dark wash or black jeans are the ideal choice here.  Your shirt can be long or short sleeved or could even be rolled sleeves.  This is the beauty of checked shirts, they are versatile in themselves.  In terms of footwear, grab a pair of boots rather than sneakers.  The colour of the boots depends on the colour of the checked shirt but brown or black are the main choices.  This look can be adapted with the essential plain t-shirt being worn underneath an open buttoned checked shirt.  

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3.Think Graphic for College Aged Boys!

This is a variation on the t-shirt and pants combination.  Rather than a plain t-shirt, this outfit starts with a graphic print t-shirt.  This is a popular outfit amongst college folk, so putting your own personal spin on this is essential.  There are literally thousands of options in terms of t-shirt from sports, to political, to just plain silly.  The choice is yours but be careful what kind of impression you make with your t-shirt choice.   Once you have decided on the t-shirt, the rest of the outfit is relatively straight forward.  Blue jeans are the recommended choice, preferably slim fitting but this is up to you.  Add a denim jacket to the mix and you are pretty much set for a day around campus.  Try to go for a different shade of denim for the jacket and jeans or you risk the dreaded double denim tag!   For footwear, we advise going for a comfy and casual pair of brown suede shoes, but these can be substituted for sneakers if you so desire.  

4.A Basic Outfit

Sticking with the t-shirt as a base layer for this one.  This outfit begins with a basic t-shirt from your essential items, the colour is down to you.  Pop a denim shirt over the top with the buttons left unfastened with a pair of jeans.  As with the Think Graphic outfit, avoid choosing the same shade of denim for the shirt and the jeans.  To complete this must-have outfit, add a pair of coloured sneakers rather than your classic white. A pair of grey mesh trainers are a great option with this outfit.  This outfit is basically a more casual version of the Think Graphic option and is one that can be adapted by simply changing the t-shirt.  For those warmer days around campus, the shirt can be worn with the sleeves rolled up to make this a casual summer must have.  

‘When choosing a shirt for an outfit such as this, it is best to stick with a regular fit in your actual size,’ says Daniel Richard, a highly skilled writer at UKWritings and Oxessays. ‘Avoid the skinny or slim fitting option as these won’t give the baggy, casual effect that is needed here.’

5.Flower Power- College Aged Boys

This might not be for everyone, but it certainly makes a statement.  Be careful when you wear this outfit as it can look a bit odd in the winter months.  This usually a beach outfit but there is no reason why this cannot be worn around college.  Choosing a floral shirt can take a while as there are literally thousands of colours, styles and flower sizes.  Once you have chosen the shirt for you then need a basic, simple pair of dark jeans, preferably black.  The shirt is the attention grabber so pairing this with plain colours is the way to go.  Add a pair of sneakers and the outfit is complete.  You can make this look like the graphic t-shirt outfit from earlier by wearing a plain t-shirt underneath it and leaving the buttons open.  Obviously, this is an outfit for those summer months to give off that beach vibe associated with holidays.  

“Now we move onto outfits with a more formal tone to them.  These still have their place in the college wardrobe but might not be worn as frequently as those mentioned earlier.  A change of look now and again could be made with one of the next couple of outfits,” says Oliver Timson, a fashion blogger at Lia Help and Paperfelows.

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6.Shirt and Chino combination- College Aged Boys

This outfit begins with a white shirt with the buttons fastened.  For a more casual take on this, the sleeves can be rolled up.  Rather than jeans, this outfit has chinos as the pants option, ideally in a brown shade.  This is one of the few outfits which doesn’t have sneakers or boots as the footwear.  This outfit is completed with a pair of leather slip-ons.  Symbol do a great pair of brown slip-ons which pair brilliantly with a pair of straight fit chinos.  Again, this might not be to everyone’s taste in terms of style but is a great way to reinvent your look or to simply try something a bit different.  This won’t be an everyday outfit but is worth considering as an alternative every now and again.

7.Summer Chinos

Sticking with the chino style but this time with chino shorts.  Adding a casual shirt to this is a great way to look a bit smarter whilst keeping cool during the summer months.  There are plenty of options with this one so this can be kept fresh on an almost daily basis.  The recommended, must-have combination is a salmon pink shirt with dark chinos (navy blue).  This is finished off with a pair of white sneakers.  If pink isn’t your thing, then change the colour to suit you.  The basic rule to remember when putting this must-have together is lighter goes with darker.  As an example, a pair of black chino shorts need to be paired up with a light-coloured shirt such as pale blue.  Do the reverse with lighter coloured chinos.  The only constant with this look is your white sneakers from your essential items.  

8.Formal Suit

A bit of a strange one in the list compared to the other outfits but this is a must-have.  Obviously, this won’t be a day-to-day outfit of choice but is one that you will need.  You might have to deliver a formal presentation at some point in the semester, so a casual outfit just won’t cut it.  There are also formal award ceremonies which you will obviously want to look at your best.  Choosing a suit can be a long and drawn-out affair where it is best to try on different options.  Colour, style and fit are all variables to consider when making your choice.  Remember to go with your normal size and then choose a slim fit to get a smarter feel.  The shirt is the easy part, white, and then make your tie choice.  The colour tie can be changed for the occasion or season but can also be paired with the outfit of your date for the event.  Footwear needs to be smart shoes and the colour is dependent on your suit choice.  As this is a formal get up, ironing the shirt is essential.  You can get away with a lack of ironing with the other outfits in the article but not this one!

College is exciting and so can your wardrobe choices.  Whether you stick with what you know or try something a bit different, there are some essentials you will need.  Making a bold statement at the start of the year can set you apart from the rest.  Blending in initially until you suss out the college vibe is also a sensible option.  Remember, you don’t need to be every single item of clothing with you on the first day as you can always travel home between semesters to collect things you’ve forgotten or to swap winter outfits for summer ones.  Follow the essential items list as a base for everything and then adapt and change as you see fit.  Shirts and t-shirts have endless combinations and are changeable between outfits as are different shades of jeans.  You are not at college forever so choose items of clothing carefully.