Some tips to choose the perfect Bridal Jewellery

How amazing! You said ‘Yes’ to the dress! Now, it’s time to find the perfect accessories. It always seems a bit intimidating to select bridal jewellery. Believe us, it doesn’t have to be. Perfect Bridal jewellery gives that personal touch to the wedding dress and the bride.

Bridal Jewellery Tips

Don’t worry if your bridal jewellery doesn’t perfectly match

Your engagement and wedding ring are meant to be worn every day, so they should reflect your personal style. That said, things don’t have to match perfectly. If your engagement ring is platinum, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear gold on your wedding day.

Your personal style is a priority

Just because a certain style is all over the internet, you shouldn’t chase a look that doesn’t feel right. Trends are going to come and go, but your wedding photos last forever. So, make decisions based on personal style. 

Stay inside your comfortzone

The chances are higher you are a bit more familiar with wearing jewellery than wearing a wedding dress. One tip: make sure that you feel confident and comfortable in it and let that be the baseline for the wedding look. 

Never leave home without earrings? Find a more formal version with diamonds. 

Sentimental pieces

If there’s a particular piece you know you’ll want to wear, we suggest bringing it along while shopping for a wedding dress. So, they will always match with each other.

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If you have an heirloom piece, consider working with a jeweler to change it into something more in line with your personal style. You can relive the moment after your wedding by wearing it on special occasions or even every day.

Mom might not always know best. 

Your mom is from a different generation and might have different ideas about what getting dressed for your wedding day should look like. She might automatically wear a necklace, but these days, it’s all about the statement earring. Remember to not feel pressured to buy a certain piece just because someone else thinks you should wear one.

Bridal Jewellery Ideas 

Do you need some help to select your perfect bridal jewellery? These approaches will inspire you! 

Currently Trending bridal Jewellery

People are getting more personal, creative, and sentimental and also leaving traditional choices behind. They base their decisions on supporting local designers and shopping with brands who align with their values. Nowadays, you also see a lot of headbands. We think it is an original and refreshing idea instead of wearing a crown or tiara. 

Romantic bridal Jewellery

Do you want romantic jewellery? Choose something that has a lot of movement or floral elements. We advise an etched metal with a leaf or a vine complete with stones at the center of the flower buds. That  will look amazing  at a garden or vineyard wedding. 

Classic bridal Jewellery

Pearls and diamonds are the classics. Other timeless pieces like a high and tight stud, a diamond tennis bracelet will look elegant for eternity.

Boho Wedding Jewellery

When you choose Boho you can mix your metals, and choose for pieces with textured, woven, or braided designs. Also taak a look at organically-shaped gemstones like freshwater pearls.

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