How To Clean Up After A Party

One of the most challenging tasks involved in party hosting is cleaning up after the event. Removing disposable items, rearranging furniture, and clearing the dishes may require hours of labor and several people to work with to make the place spotless. Also, you’ll need to properly dispose of a considerable amount of trash for safety and hygienic purposes.    — Clean Up After 

However, it’s not impossible to simplify and speed up the cleaning process as long as you have a clear plan, complete tools and materials, and some assistance. If you’d like a quick guide on how to clean up after a party, here are a few suggestions you may find helpful:     

 1. Prepare Garbage Bins And Bags 

It’s essential to prepare separate containers or bags for disposable items, leftovers, and other garbage materials. Separating biodegradable and non-biodegradable items will help you dispose of them more efficiently after cleaning up and could also help speed up the cleaning process. Once you have all the trash segregated, you can choose to store it in a safe place to prevent contamination before it’s collected.  

On the other hand, you can also hire Same-Day Rubbish Removal services if you don’t have time to dispose of your garbage bags yourself. A trash removal company can pick up all disposable items from your doorstep and throw them away safely. They would know where to dispose of your trash, be it in a recycling shop or landfill. This option makes it more convenient to dispose of vast amounts of trash when you need it. It also prevents the health and safety hazards of keeping garbage in the household for long periods.

2. Gather Cleaning Essentials 

You’ll need to gather all the cleaning materials that you’ll need to make it easier and more convenient to clean the party space. Here are some examples of cleaning essentials that you’ll need to get ready: 

  • Soap and dishwashing liquid 
  • Brush, sponge, and scouring pads 
  • Microfiber cloths and clean rags 
  • Antibacterial spray   
  • Cleaning solution for the floor and kitchen tiles 
  • Broom and dustpan 
  • Stain remover (for seat covers and carpets) 
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You can also prepare your vacuum cleaner to remove debris from the floor and carpets or clean hard-to-reach areas such as spaces in-between furniture.  

 3. Allow Proper Ventilation 

Before sweeping the floor and using cleaning agents, you may have to consider opening the windows or removing the curtains to allow proper ventilation in the room. Doing so will help clear stagnant air in space while preventing inhalation of dust from sweeping and fumes from detergents or floor cleaners. It will also brighten up the area, making it easier to move around and see which spots need further cleaning.   

 4. Clean Rooms One By One 

If you have multiple areas or rooms to clean, it’ll be better to allow time to clean them one by one to help you stay organized. Doing so will also lessen the need to repeat the cleaning process in some areas and help you finish cleaning more quickly. In addition, it won’t make you feel overwhelmed when cleaning lots of rooms.   

 5. Remove The Clutter 

As you start cleaning one room or area in the house, you’ll need to remove all the clutter first to get it out of the way and make it easier for you to move around the room. You can begin by picking up and moving dishes and wine glasses to the kitchen to prevent damage or accidents. After this, you can put paper plates or plastic cups, wrappers, cigarette buts, and other garbage in a bin or trash bags for disposal.   

Then, you can rearrange the furniture to allow you to clean the surfaces below.   

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 6. Clean Surfaces 

Once you’ve cleared the space of clutter and prepared the furniture for cleaning, you can start wiping surfaces with cleaners or with a wet rag to remove dirt, debris, or food spillage. Then, you can opt to air dry them or use a clean, dry microfiber cloth for a final wipe down.  

After then, you can sweep the floor and use a mop to remove any shoe markings or dust as required.    

 7. Wash The Dishes 

Lastly, you can prepare soiled dishes and cutlery for washing by emptying them of any leftover food and placing them inside the dishwasher. Then, you can use the garbage disposal in your sink to get rid of the kitchen waste. You may also choose to put it in a separate bin for proper waste disposal through the garbage collection services you have in your area.   


Cleaning up after hosting a party in your home is an essential task that requires time, effort, and resources. However, you can make this task easier with ample preparation and strategic planning. Also, you can consider enlisting professional services or the help of other household members to speed up the cleaning process. This way, you can make your home clean and orderly quickly.   


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