7 THC Sparkling Water Cocktail Ideas to Impress Your Friends With

Warmer weather is ushering in the summer months telling us it’s time to prepare for those backyard barbecues with family and friends, long lazy days sippin’ our favorite drinks poolside, and the occasional surprise party for your best friend’s birthday.  Spring fever has definitely set in, and it brought with it some great new flavors to help you get your groove on.  Check out these seven flavorful cocktail ideas to impress your friends and get the party started! Each is based on its own unique THC sparkling water flavor. 

Uniquely Spirited Cocktails Exclusively Based on Fabulously Flavored THC Water

THC water offers tantalizing taste with zero calories and zero regret so you can have fun socializing and get your buzz on without worrying about that pesky hangover the next day. Add alcohol and try these yummy sparkling water cocktails with a new twist. Your friends will be giddy with excitement when they see your plus one for the party is a cooler full of drool-worthy drinks made with exceptional quality THC water. Based on some classic mixers, these drinks are sure to liven the party.

  • Cocktails Made with Pineapple Mint Delta-8 THC Sparkling Water by Floral

For this cocktail you’ll use your favorite whiskey, Pineapple Mint Sparkling Water, and citrus. First add ice, then whiskey and top with sparkling water. You’ll need twice as much sparkling water as whiskey. Finish with citrus (preferably orange) and serve. 

  • Cocktails Made with Nectarine CBD Sparkling Water by Floral

This is the perfect cocktail to sip on the beach or on the deck at backyard get-togethers. It’s a tasty twist on the classic vodka and orange juice but it’s made with crushed ice. You’ll need vodka, orange juice, crushed ice, and Nectarine CBD Sparkling Water. Combine vodka and orange juice in your favorite tall glass and stir. Add crushed ice to the top, then finish with sparkling water. It’s so good!

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When you’re ready to lounge by the pool or watch the sunset, this cocktail goes down sweet and smooth. Get your favorite glass along with a good white rum, Nectarine CBD Sparkling Water, and a decent hunk of orange wedge. Combine rum with sparkling water and add ice, then squeeze orange wedge to top it off.

  • Cocktails Made with Key Lime Delta-8 THC Sparkling Water

This one is just a little bit more involved, but it is oh so worth it! It’s great for parties or unwinding on the weekends, so you may as well make a pitcher. You muddle together a couple of mint leaves and a half ounce each of lime juice and simple syrup. Add a couple of ounces of some good white rum and crushed ice, then top with sparkling water and serve. 

Mix up a little pizazz by combining two ounces of your favorite tequila with an ounce of grapefruit juice in a glass. Stir and add ice before topping with Key Lime Delta-8 THC Sparkling Water. Finish with a good squeeze of lime and serve or enjoy.

  • Cocktails Made with Blackberry Lemonade CBD Sparkling Water 

This is a fun cocktail that’s super simple and super delicious! Just fill your favorite glass with ice and add one ounce of smooth vodka. Fill the rest of the way with Blackberry Lemonade CBD Sparkling Water. Hint, hint – it goes great with barbecue! 

Here’s a fun party idea. Cut several lemon rings in half and throw them in the freezer with a pint or two of blackberries. Mix up your cocktail (minus the ice, of course) and quadruple the recipe in a large punch bowl. Toss in your frozen berries and citrus to cool down the punch and garnish at the same time!

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This last cocktail is every bit as simple and tasty minus the fruit. It takes two parts rich tequila and one-part fresh lime juice. Add them to a glass of ice and top with Blackberry Lemonade Sparkling Water. Garnish with a lemon wedge and serve or enjoy. 

Enjoy the Summer Months with Sparkling THC Water or with These Tasty New Cocktails

Cold, sparkling THC water is great for sipping or for creating tasty new cocktails to help host the summer months. While federally legal, there are still some states that do not allow Delta-8 so we do recommend doing your own research based on your state of residency. In the meantime, call your friends, stoke up the barbecue and plan an evening of exclusive adulting with the ones you love enjoying cold, crisp THC water.