Too Lean: Look For The Ways To Gain Weight

Nobody is happy with the way their body looks. Some have issues that they look too thin and some have issues that they are too fat. Both of them have similar problems like nothing will fit, won’t look hot enough, won’t look attractive and all this adds up to decreased inner satisfaction that leads to stress and trust me, stress is your worst enemy if you want to know Ways To Gain Weight. 

So today let us give knowledge treats to people who are thin or lean. Because we are just going to focus on the ways to gain weight. 

Ways to Gain Weight

What Do You Mean By ‘Correct Weight’? 

People are confused about the correct weight. The girls who are fat enough want a zero size figure. The males who are thin enough want to build up a body more than the weight of their body requires. Thus, people need to know what is the first thing they should achieve for a healthy life.

A healthy weight is calculated with a BMI Index. BMI is a body mass index which can be calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by height in metres square.  

There are certain BMI calculators available in your android play store. You can even download that to keep a check on your perfect weight.

Causes Of Underweight 

Since we are talking about thin and mean men and women, let us first know the causes of why you are thin. Once you get to know the causes, it gets easier to treat.

1. Eating Disorder 

If the patient is suffering from eating disorders or has no fixed routine of taking meals, they might become too lean. Skipping breakfast or lunch and eating the food once a day will not help you to gain any weight. This kind of routine causes headaches, laziness, weakness or anemia because food is the engine of a healthy life. You become what you eat.

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2. Stress 

Stress increases the levels of serotonin in the brain which signals the brain leading the person to feel full. This decreases hunger in the body resulting in a thin and mean physique. Thus, you must eliminate all sorts of stress. If you can’t eliminate it, at least you can try avoiding it. Ways to Gain Weight

3. Genetic 

Some people eat healthy enough but still are unable to gain weight. This is because of genetic factors. If your traits tell you to be thin, you will be thin. There are some families where almost everyone is acetate weighted and thin, thus the next generation also becomes thin. 

4. Thyroid 

If the patient is suffering from hypothyroidism which means that the levels of thyroid hormones have decreased, it might cause sudden weight loss in the body.

5. Diabetes 

Some diabetic patients are thin enough especially at the start of the disease because they have to eliminate almost half of the food from their diet that they used to take earlier. Thus, diabetes and its medication can cause weight loss.

6. Cancer 

Cancer is a disease where the oncogenes start to destroy cells in the body. There is a genetic mutation seen in such cases. Due to stress and depression and also due to the medication, the individual loses weight. 

Ways To Gain Weight

There are several ways to gain weight. Making some dietary changes can help you gain weight. Below are the most basic ways to gain weight. 

Eat Calories

Around 700 calories must be taken if you want to increase some of your weight. You must keep a calorie monitor to increase your intake. The monitor will inform you once the intake of calories is completed each day.  


Increased uptake of proteins is necessary to build up muscles. But taking too much of the protein is also harmful to the body. They make the person feel full. This will not let you eat enough and you will again remain thin. Thus, take up protein as per your dietician’s recommendation. Ways to Gain Weight

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Enough carbs are required to maintain a healthy weight. Food like potatoes, pulses and many more are enriched in carbohydrates. Consumption of these carbs is a good way to gain weight.

Increased Dairy Products, Sauces And Spices 

Increased dairy products and increased sauces and spices help to gain fat and increase the weight of the individual.

Eat Egg Yolk And Bananas

Egg yolk and bananas are rich in protein and fats. Hence, eating it regularly will also increase your body weight. Bananas give you instant energy and increase body mass. The most effective is banana shakes.

Precaution For Eating 

There are some precautions that you must follow if you desire to gain some weight. Such precautions are: 

1. Lift Some Weight 

Do some weight training to manage your weight so that you do not look like just a fat potato. Some weight gaining exercises help you to gain a good amount of weight also. They should be done under the supervision of your gym trainer.

2. Sleep Properly 

Good sleep helps your body to relax. This increases the inner satisfaction which automatically increases the weight of the individual. There are some hormonal changes also measured when we talk about good sleep which is a fine way to gain weight. Ways to Gain Weight

3. Don’t Smoke 

No intoxication should be there as it burns up the fats and carbs. This does not let you gain weight. Especially smoking cigarettes makes your body even thinner and makes your immunity weaker. 

4. No Water Before Meal

You should not drink water before taking a meal. Drinking water already fills your stomach up and you are then unable to take up the food or nutrition required. 


These were some of the ways to gain weight. Few dietary changes and few exercises will take up not more than an hour of your day. I think you can do that to have a healthy and confident lifestyle. Do not try to involve all these methods at once. If you are suffering from any kind of disease, consult your doctor to get a proper diet chart of what you can have and what you can not.