How to invite guests for your wedding?

Your big day is finally here! All the arrangements are about to begin. You have to book your preferred venue before it is no longer available. But what after that? Before you get lost in the whirlwind of planning the various other wedding arrangements, remember that invitations often get left to the last second and by then you are too rushed to do them justice but often this is the first glimpse that to invite  guests get into your upcoming nuptials. 

Types of invitations and how to invite guests 

There are printed wedding card invitations and digital wedding invitation videos. Printed invitations are the traditional way where they are either posted or hand delivered and the digital invitations are sent to guests through email or WhatsApp. These are convenient to send out but weddings are the expression of tradition where printed cards are considered more personal and intimate.

Follow up feels personal

Whichever way you decide it’s always nice to touch base following the invitation. This makes your guests feel important enough and encourages them to make the effort to attend the celebrations. A phone call to close family and friends or even a WhatsApp message in general is generally welcome by all. 

RSVPs are important

RSVPs help you plan your events better. You need to know exactly who on your guest list is attending so don’t hesitate to ask for an RSVP and that too in good time. Last minute acceptances or even regrets can throw a spanner in the works and create unnecessary stress for you and your wedding planner.

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Send out Save the Date immediately

Once you have made your guest list, informing them well in advance helps them to prioritise their commitments. Sending out a Save the Date helps block your attendees schedule and official, detailed invitations can always follow later.

Don’t delay the detailed invitations

After sending out Save the Dates, get the specifics of your event details in place so that the final invitations can be sent out at the earliest. Just remember that until the detailed invitations reach your guests they will not plan anything seriously and neither will you get their responses in time.