3 Tips For Using A PPP Kit For The First Time

Pearly penile papules, also commonly known as PPPs or A PPP Kit , refer to small bumps which are found near the head of the penis. They can develop in adolescence or early adulthood. Unlike other growths found in the body, PPPs don’t manifest any symptoms except the appearance of small dome-shaped bumps. They aren’t dangerous and infectious, and so, after diagnosis, there’s usually no medical intervention needed. 

Although they’re harmless, these bumps on men’s genitals can sometimes cause psychological distress, anxiety, and embarrassment as they can be mistaken for sexually transmitted diseases. Consequently, they can affect a man’s confidence and sexual and reproductive health, as these bumps can hold them back from engaging in intimacy with their partners. This can also result in difficulties in maintaining relationships.

Suppose you’re dealing with PPPs; there are treatments you can opt to manage these bump growths, and one of them is called PPP kits.

What Is A PPP Kit? 

Essentially, a PPP kit refers to an ionizer treatment system designed to treat pearly penile papules through vaporization. It’s a painless and safe method of burning penis papules with a precision tip for better healing results. It uses a highly precise ionizer that can heat up very quickly upon pressing the activation button. And to ensure minimal skin abrasion and much easier recovery, the ionizer must maintain a certain temperature level when destroying the papules.  

Unlike other PPP treatments, a procedure involving a PPP kit doesn’t have to be performed in dermatology clinics. Once you purchase the kit, you’ll have everything you need to complete the treatment yourself at home.

So, if you think this new treatment might help treat the bumps in your genitals without spending a lot of money, consider looking at PPP kits options online. You can check out the seller’s website or read reliable resource materials online to obtain more valuable information.  

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Tips For Using A PPP Kit 

PPP kits are safe and generally easy to do. But to help you get started, here are some tips you can keep in mind when using your PPP kit for your genital bumps. 

  • Apply Numbing Cream To The Head Of Your Penis  

To ensure a painless and safe removal of your PPPs, you need to numb the head of your penis with a numbing cream. It’s a topical anesthetic applied before the procedure to make it more comfortable. Without it, vaporizing the bumps on your genitals might cause you a bit of pain or discomfort. 

Most PPP kits come with numbing cream, but you can also purchase an over-the-counter topical anesthetic. Ideally, before using the ionizer, make sure to apply the numbing cream for about 45 minutes for better results. 

  • Operate The Electric Device Properly  

While the kit is easy to use, it’s still essential to know how to operate the electric device properly to obtain a more favorable result. For example, if you’re looking for a painless way of eliminating your genital bumps, you need to carefully handle the precision tip to avoid any potential injury. Aim the tip and perform the treatment gently.  

Also, you have to ensure the device’s temperature is consistent to minimize skin abrasions and to optimize the recovery process. And depending on the result of the first session, you might need to repeat the treatment for a few more sessions until the penile bumps completely heal and are eliminated.  

  • Follow Aftercare Practices To Speed Up Recovery  

Once all the pearly penile papules are vaporized, note that your penis might be slightly tender. More so, if your genital member is recovering from small wounds, refrain from doing anything that might hurt it until it fully heals and recovers.

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Fortunately, you can expect a quick recovery without complication with a PPP kit. You can also refer to the step-by-step instructions included in the kit to make the most out of the treatment at home.  

On the other hand, you also need to follow and observe some aftercare instructions for proper healing and to avoid possible infections. To start, clean your genitals with warm water and dry it properly. As much as possible, avoid touching it with a dirty hand.

Final Thoughts  

Having pearly penile papules can be distressing. And while they are not something to be alarmed about, contagious or life-threatening, they can make you less confident about your sexual health. Although the penile bumps can go away on their own, there are instances in which they start to impact the quality of your life. When this happens, you’d want to seek treatment to help get rid of them. And of the options you can consider is a PPP kit.

Suppose you’re planning on using a PPP kit for the first time. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to guide you and familiarize yourself with how it works. By doing so, you’ll be able to effectively treat your penis bumps and save more money on the treatment expenses in the long run.