Summer destinations for a perfect getaway from busy lifestyle

Busy lifestyle needs a good recovery from all the outside noise. That’s why we have created a little list of you to get a perfect summer rest.
Canary Islands (Spain)- a perfect getaway

In the North Atlantic lie the seven islands of the Canary Islands, each with their own unique assets. Eternal spring is waiting for you. The tourist centre of Gran Canaria, the third largest Canary Island, is Maspalomas in the south, where dunes stretch over an area 6 km long and 1 to 2 km wide. Because of its diverse landscape, it is considered a miniature continent. On Fuerteventura, it is the beaches on the east coast that holidaymakers like to visit. La Palma sees itself as a green island, because it is the most densely wooded island. The largest Canary Island, Tenerife, is considered the most diverse islandtraded, inside which the Teide National Park lures. La Gomera, the second smallest Canary Island, convinces its guests with Los Organos, which is a rock whose surface is reminiscent of organ pipes. It is the Timanfaya National Park that fascinates island vacationers on Lanzarote. If you like looking at the stars, your hotel in the Canary Islands should be on El Hierro! The smallest of the seven islands is a place with little light pollution. Keep in mind that while travelling, you can ask the owners of the hotels/restaurants to give you freebies. When you start creating content while travelling, business owners in this industry will DM you with a good offer. It’s easy to have a perfect plan offered from the hotel owner in Canary island when you are creating YouTube and Instagram content. Start on YouTube with simple content – create footage of everything where you go and how you feel. Be very authentic and only say something that comes from your mind. Buy YouTube subscribers to boost your popularity on a local level.

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Greek Islands (Greece)- a perfect getaway

The beautiful Greek islands in the Mediterranean offer an alternative to the Balearic Islands. Either you decide for the Aegean, where it is quite dry and warm, or for the greener Ionian Islands. On Crete, the largest island in Greece, you can relax on the beach, hike in the mountains and visit cultural sites. Is the destination of your trip to the Greek islandsRhodes, you have to go to the east side there if you want to get to know the most beautiful beaches. They are located near Tsambika or south of Lindos in the form of St. Paul’s Bay. The cultural program includes a visit to Rhodes town with the Grand Master’s Palace. On Corfu as part of the Ionian Islands you will find great beaches for every taste all around. While Santa Barbara beach beckons to the south and Agios Georgios beach to the west, it is Sidari beach to the north and Kalami beach to the east that attract bathers.


Hurghada & Safaga (Egypt)- a perfect getaway

In the direction of the Red Sea, where Hurghada and Safaga are only a few kilometres apart, holidaymakers who want to dive and snorkel fly. You have the opportunity to go out to sea by boat and meet dolphins, among other things, or you can book accommodation with a house reef, so that the local colourful underwater world can be reached quickly. Because of the wind, the Red Sea is suitable for surfers . Thanks to accommodations with a private beach, the distances to the water are short. Many hotels in Safaga and Hurghada have spacious outdoor facilities with several pools and play facilities for children. You can also use your bathing and diving holiday in the Red Sea for desert safaris. Day trips to ancient sites such as Luxor are also available. While Safaga doesn’t have any major attractions, Hurghada is Egypt’s leading seaside resort and you can roam the souk in the oldest district of Dahar, visit the Aldahaar Mosque or walk along the marina.

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