5 Technologies and Devices that are Already Revolutionising the Medical World

The medical world is always looking at how it can evolve and further itself. From ground-breaking new treatments to innovations that have improved on long-held techniques and instruments, there is always some aspect of change that helps to deliver greater results and a higher level of patient care.- Revolutionising the Medical


Many of us live with conditions that need to be closely monitored if we are to manage them correctly. Wearables have helped to revolutionise this area, with many people taking advantage of smart wearable devices that send updates to their phones or similar pieces of tech with real-time data. For patients with conditions such as diabetes or heart arrhythmia among others, these devices have allowed them to make much better and healthier choices.

Surgical Retractors

Though surgical retractors have been part of operating theatres for years, a game-changing innovation from June Medical  has revolutionised this key piece of equipment to make it easier for surgeons to use. It is self-retaining and can be adjusted with just one hand, so the surgeon can adjust it themselves as they work. The retractor also comes with a light, improving visibility for the surgeon. 

This is a vital piece of tech that has been around for decades, but these simple upgrades have made the world of difference – and earned it the title of ‘Most Advanced Surgical Retractor 2022’.


Though one might associate the blockchain with any other industry except healthcare, this ledger system is actually providing some key benefits and could represent a future revolution in patient data storage. Many major tech companies have already started to develop blockchain for healthcare projects, and it could really help with challenges such as data security. Though many think the blockchain can only be utilised for industries like cryptocurrency, the reality is that it will have a place across healthcare and plenty of other sectors as it is such a flexible and adaptable technology.

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Having robots care for us in a healthcare environment might seem like something out of science fiction, but we are also very close to making this a reality. At first, it is thought the robotics will be used to complete menial but time-consuming tasks. They will help to prevent errors and boost operations. Eventually, we might also see robots in the operating theatres to perform first minor or non-invasive surgeries and then eventually perform major surgeries too.

Cloud Computing

With paper records becoming a thing of the past, hospitals need a way to safely store a patient’s records whilst also having the option to securely transfer them, be it within internal departments or to other facilities. Cloud computing has helped to facilitate this. With doctors and healthcare practitioners frequently using devices like tablets to take notes when monitoring patients, cloud computing allows for the easy storage and transfer of data from these devices to the hospital’s wider system.

These are five of the most interesting pieces of tech that are revolutionising the medical world. New advancements such as these will always help us to deliver the very best in healthcare that we can manage.