Unconventional? Uncomfortable?

There may be some objections to this underutilised piece of clothing, so we understand why you haven’t made boyleg underwear a staple in your undergarment rotation. But after this article, you may just change your mind. 

Surprisingly, not many women rock the boyleg; it is one of today’s less popular underwear styles. This lack of popularity may be due to their more boyish look or thicker material leading to more moisture or sanitary issues. 

These are all understandable reasons, but luckily most of these issues are solved when you find the right pair. Many women prefer boyleg underwear over other types, and the advancement of designs and materials has given way to some impressive styles and garments. 

Here are some reasons why boyleg underwear is a favourite among many women and may just be your next best investment. 

No More Chafing

One of the most appealing reasons to wear a pair of these undergarments is the freedom from chafing that they provide. 

Most underwear options for women today have narrower bands of fabric that can be tight and place more unnecessary pressure on the hips, especially for broader women. This can get quite bothersome if you’re wearing tight underwear day in and day out. 

Luckily, boyleg underwear has broad and flat blades of fabric around the waist, which drastically reduces chafing and provides supportive comfort. This support is one of the many reasons women go for the boyleg option over more traditional styles.


If you have stuck to conventional boyleg underwear, it’s understandable that you have concerns around moisture buildup, as most run-of-the-mill models have thicker material. But even boyleg underwear with cheap moisture blocking fabric can leave you susceptible to yeast infections by trapping body heat. 

Most new brands use higher quality moisture resistant and lightweight fabrics. These materials assist in keeping the heat away, drawing moisture out, and drying fast. One example of this is bamboo boyleg underwear, which is thin and moisture-wicking, allowing for a more comfortable experience than synthetic blends and other less breathable materials.

If your objection was breathability, then worry no more as this is a thing of the past for newer types of boyleg underwear.

They Don’t Leave Panty Lines

When wearing your favourite dress or any other form of tight-fitting and thin clothing, the last thing you want is visible lines running along the seam. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing look, but unfortunately, most of our underwear options have these issues. 

Yet another reason so many women are flocking to boyleg underwear is that they provide us with a solution to visible panty line seams. We solve this issue since the design doesn’t have protruding seams, is remarkably flat, and hugs against the body. 

The Shape And Contour

Some women also love wearing boyleg underwear for the shaping due to the additional support. Additional support is generally a matter of preference, but these could be for you if you want more lift and support for your bottom.

Choosing this style depends on your individual needs and what look you’re going for, but one way to find out is to try them for yourself. 

They’re Smooth

As mentioned earlier, these types of underwear have gone a long way in terms of comfort compared to the first introduction of the style. So, many companies have created new types with superior materials to their predecessors. 

Almost all boyleg underwears in the market today provide consumers with a silky smooth feel other styles could only dream of having. This remarkable smoothness is due to suppliers using materials such as bamboo or micro modal fabrics.  


On the surface, these undergarments don’t seem appealing. When you see the benefits and reasons why other women love these, you appreciate what pain points they may solve for yourself. 

We recommend giving these a try if you are not entirely sold. If you are, and these seem like the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle, please jump on the bandwagon and grab a pair! (http://rxreviewz.com/)

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