CBD Wines For Heart Health

Most people have probably heard of cannabidiol, better known as CBD. Due to several claims about treating almost everything from insomnia to diabetes, CBD has indeed risen in popularity. 

Aside from consuming it as an oil, CBD is commonly applied to the skin or inhaled as a vapor. However, a new way of consuming CBD seems to have appeared. A CBD-infused wine has recently emerged on the market. Visit  Somebody for CBD products and patches to give you energy for the day.

Keep on reading to learn more about the possible benefits of CBD infused wine for heart health. 

What is CBD-Infused Wine?


CBD-infused wine is a fascinating new product category that allows customers to experience CBD while still drinking wine. Wine with CBD added to it frequently has less alcohol than conventional wine, allowing individuals to consume more of it without experiencing the negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

As the name suggests, It is an infusion of cannabidiol (CBD) into a commercially-produced wine beverage. A newly-discovered innovative product in the industry of CBD that completely combines wine and CBD, CBD-infused wine allows its consumers to enjoy both products in a single drink. 

Although the product seems to have emerged only recently, its history goes back as ancient as the second century A.D. Archaeological findings have shown that combining wine with cannabis was widely utilized by older people for a variety of uses, such as sedation during surgery and medicine to relieve pain. Aside from giving its consumers an uplifting experience, CBD-infused wine is also known to reduce symptoms of a hangover when drinking. 

As this innovative product of wine infused with CBD or cannabis wine has been becoming a hit in some U.S. states, weed wine may join the broader scope of the CBD wine shop in a short amount of time.

Potential benefits of CBD wine to Heart Health

Several animal studies have shown the sound effects of CBD on the cardiovascular system. Aside from protecting blood vessels from damage caused by too much blood sugar, CBD also protects the heart from damage when blood flow to it has been discontinued. With its ability to decrease platelet clumping, CBD can potentially lessen the chance of stroke and heart attack. In addition, it also lowers the blood pressure response to stress. 

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The mentioned findings, which are based on various animal studies, give us indications that CBD may actually be used as a medication. Human studies then found out that administering a single dose of cannabidiol decreases blood pressure, as well as the potential increase in blood pressure due to stress in humans. Thus, an intake of CBD may help people with high blood pressure in stressful situations. 

Infusing CBD with wine amplifies the combined benefits that can possibly sustain a person’s overall wellness, making it better than drinking regular wine. A study published by the National Library of Medicine claims that wine consumption resulted in minimal cases of heart disease and is confirmed to be an effective tool in preventing cardiovascular diseases (CVD). 

Combining wine and CBD may cooperatively support cardiovascular health for a more sustained period of time. Bursein (2015) has shown that CBD has a lot of benefits when it comes to improving symptoms of the cardiovascular system by reducing inflammation.

Some studies suggest that the threat of coronary heart disease will be decreased by 20% when a person consumes at most two alcoholic beverages per day. Moreover, as preliminary research implies, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may be highly beneficial to the heart. 

CBD-infused wine helps keep a person’s heart healthy because it is good for the heart.

Other Benefits of CBD-Infused Wine

wine glass

Generally, CBD-infused wines are lower in alcohol content or even alcohol-free as compared to regular wines. 

Improving Mental Health

Both CBD and wine beverages have been established to aid people in soothing their minds. Combining them together further heightens the sense of relaxation a person may find palliative.

In a study published by the National Library of Medicine, CBD appeared to have generated an antidepressant-like effect based on the brain’s levels of serotonin. 

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The ability of CBD to regulate the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are both neurotransmitters in a person’s body that are responsible for giving a sense of well-being, adds up to the improvement of one’s mental health after consuming CBD wine. Further, it also helps in relieving one’s stress and anxiety. 

Slows Down the Signs of Aging

As was already said, CBD has an anti-inflammatory property that could also help ease the symptoms of skin conditions like eczema.

In a similar study conducted by Burstein (2015), CBD appears to have helped with specific skin illnesses related to inflammation, which produces clearer and younger-looking skin. The regulation of sebum production by oil glands by CBD hinders and prevents acne breakouts.

Some studies have also shown the positive effects that CBD has with regard to the elasticity of the skin. It sustains the ability of the skin to return to its form, making it appear supple, fresh, and younger. Additionally, the effect of CBD on the endocannabinoid system resulted in the ability of CBD to minimize radicals and oxidative stress, further contributing to its anti-aging properties. 

With this ability to fight against radicals, CBD enables the maintenance of healthy cells and prevents serious skin ailments. 

Slows Down the Signs of Aging

The effect of CBD on decreasing the levels of cortisol in a person’s body suggests its ability to promote better sleep. In addition to helping cure anxiety, studies have found that CBD helps people who have insomnia lower their high levels of cortisol in their system at night. 

Drinking a glass of CBD-infused wine at least an hour before heading to bed can help combat insomnia and enable better sleep. 


The benefits of CBD do not end with soothing pain and anxiety anymore. Studies gradually add various potential benefits to the vast spectrum of benefits of CBD. 

Currently, products infused with CBD are slowly entering the marketplace. The CBD-infused wine boasts its capacity to provide the euphoric experience of drinking wine while reaping the numerous benefits of CBD. 

Now that you have discovered some of the wondrous benefits of this wine for your health, it is time to get yourself a glass of this CBD-infused wine. Order from Cry Baby Wine now.