Clothing Hacks for Defining Your Style

Even if you don’t have endless money to throw around to create the ultimate in style, you can still find ways to define your style and look amazing. Making small changes to some of the basic outfits that you already have can change them around and make them look better than ever before. 

Are you looking for ways to define your style and make yourself look amazing, without having to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe? Then take a look at some of the following clothing hacks that will help you get this done. 

Knot a Button-Down Shirt

A midi skirt will look cute when you pair it together with a plaid shirt that you may already have in the closet. When you tie it in the middle, this can help you to show off your shape while giving it a more polished look. If it is winter, you can layer on a turtleneck under it to keep your belly from showing and to help with the look. 

Want to know the trick to making the perfect knot to do this? Undo the bottom three buttons of the shirt and then tie it into a knot. Tighten to get the knot right above the belly button and then knot it again. Straighten out to get the ends where you would like. 

Belt the Layers


You will quickly find that layering is a great way to up your fashion, especially when it is nice and cold outside. And you can save money because you get a lot more use out of the pieces that are found in your closet. This makes it a win-win for anyone who would like to look good in winter on a budget. 

However, when you end up with a lot of different layers on, the result can look kind of random and bulky on many people. A good way to solve this is to get a belt. The belt can pull the look together and helps to carve out a great figure under all of the clothes, making it harder for the layers not to swallow you up. 

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Some of the steps you can use to make this happen include:

  • Start with a thin, long-sleeved shirt and put it under a sleeveless dress. 
  • Toss on a button-down shirt to the top, leaving it open
  • If you have it, add on a furry vest or something similar. 
  • Pull all of this together with a belt. 

Cuff the Jeans

There is nothing necessarily wrong with rocking your jeans the normal way, but you can upgrade this closet staple when you do an ankle cuff. This is a subtle trick that will help to freshen up an outfit that you may have already worn a bunch of times. 

This is also a great way to show off some of your current footwear. The trick to doing this is to choose the right technique based on the style of pants that you wear. Cuffs that are on skinny jeans will always look the best when on the smaller side because they can keep with the streamline you want with those fitted pants for example. 

For those who wear a baggier style of jeans, you will move on to rolling rather than cuffing as much. You want to keep some of the casual vibes of the jeans in place, and the looser and bulkier fabric will work well with the messier cuff. 

Choose a Large Hat


While there are a lot of great ways that you can make your style stand out, one option that seems to do well each season, and year after year, is to wear a large hat. These hats are stylish while helping you to stay cool and protected from the sun when you need to be outside. 

Make sure to shop around for the right large hat. There are many options and some will fit your style and flair better than others. The larger the brim, the more protection you will get from the sun as well so consider that when shopping around and trying to find the perfect hat for your needs. 

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Stack Your Rings

One ring can look cute, but having several stacked together can be even better. But how do you ensure that different styles and sizes of rings are going to look edgy and cool and not like you are just messing around and don’t have any idea what you are doing? It is all about the placement and how you choose to stack the styles. 

Some of the steps that you can use to make this happen include:

  • Start with the biggest and boldest ring and put it on the index finger. 
  • Layer on the smaller styles to the ring finger. A mix of regular and midi styles will help with the layered look. 
  • Finish off with two or three midi rings on the middle finger to get some contrast going. 

Cinch a Formless Dress

A boxy shift dress is going to hide your shape and may make it look like it comes from your mother’s closet. Knot it all in the middle to help gather up the extra fabric and transform this into a much better style. To do this yourself, you simply:

  • Turn the dress inside out
  • Gather a 2-inch section right in the middle
  • Twist just the first layer
  • Tie it all up in a knot
  • Flip the dress back the right way and you are done

Now you have an amazing-looking dress that will hug your figure and looks amazing, without having to purchase a brand new one. 

Finding Your Style

Whether you try out one of the tips above or many of them, it is all about finding your style that can make you feel amazing along the way. Take a look at some of the tips above and see which ones will work the best for you.