Check fast – here is the ultimate guide to clove benefits for men!

For the last couple of days, your days are starting with a twig of ‘Mother Nature’s Antiseptic’ – the dear clove that heals your teeth. However, this morning that ‘always natural’ morning walker friend of yours guided you to a new path – clove benefits for men!! Not exactly believing everything that he had to say – you are back with your smartphone searching out its benefits for your gender, arent you? 

Well, the bots seemed to have worked right and you are on your answer page. This write-up will take just 5 minutes of your time, but rest assured, you will be getting information worth your time. Let your 5-minutes of productive reading start 

clove benefits for men

Top 3 clove benefits for men

Apart from the usual oral health that clove takes care of, there are some other benefits that clove provides – albeit – strictly for men!! 

1. Dealing with obesity 

It is a well-known fact that the male and female body is different and the way clove benefits a man’s body while dealing with obesity is unparalleled! For regular drinkers of clove water, their body metabolism rate rises and this helps in fat-burning. Hormones seem to work right with it! 

2. Twig providing respiratory benefits 

Tried and tested – a twig of clove can help to loosen up the mucus in your throat (given its skill to work as an expectorant). Especially for men with smoking habits – this works really well. 

3. Keeps the addiction away 

Dear men seem to get addicted to cigarettes and alcohol quite fast. By chewing a clove, you can keep your mind distracted and with time will help to cope with this habit. Very soon, you will be able to move away from your addiction. 

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clove benefits for men

# Just so you know – in the list of clove benefits for men, certain individual surveys have found that: when you regularly drink clove water, it will help to control the blood sugar levels of your body (men mostly have a problem managing their sugar levels)


What’s there to be shy about sexual benefits? 


Yes, it is completely true that clove has immense sexual health-related benefits for men. From improving libido to delaying ejaculation, the user rest assured has better sexual health and life. Strictly speaking clove benefits for men in the sexual domain – here’s the list

1. Improves nerve stimulation and enhances hormone production 

Testosterone is your fuel and clove boosts its productivity! Basically, it so happens that – the phenol content of clove increases the blood stimulation levels of your nerves. Therefore – that automatically enhances the production of certain hormones (primarily testosterone) which both boosts sexual productivity and quality. Thus, you have it on the higher end!  

2. Magic mantra for erectile dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction is quite a common problem in men and one of the top clove benefits for men is to – prevent the same. The primary reasons for this to happen is due to increased oxidative stress levels as well as a blockage in the nerves of that area, due to which blood circulation gets limited. Regular consumption of cloves by their antioxidant nature and courtesy of the presence of Vitamin E improves blood flow in that area. This in due course enhances testosterone production and with time solves the problem of erectile dysfunction (as in: slows the progression levels of dysfunction)

3. Improves sperm count and motility 

Again going back to Unani and herbal medical techniques, from age-old times – cloves have been used to better the functioning of the epididymis and seminal vesicles. When both these parts function at their best, naturally, the spermatozoa mature at the correct interval. Result? Positively – improvement in sperm count and better sperm motility. 

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clove benefits for men

4. Deals with Premature Ejaculation 

Premature Ejaculation is another of the very common problems faced by men and clove is a spice to solve the same! Either using a clove-embedded cream or daily consumption of clove can help to inhibit this process of premature ejaculation. 

Regular clove baths also help! 

5. Improves overall sexual health 

It has been proven since the time of Ayurvedic and Unani medicine that – clove enhances sexual desires in men and thereby improves overall sexual health. So, as one of the top clove benefits for men, this spice helps to treat any kind of general sexual problem. It has been categorically proven that cloves help to reduce the chances of men getting affected by sexually transmitted diseases. 

6. Helps to get rid of infertility issues 

Male infertility is one closely guarded topic. So, if you do have issues – then by regularly consuming clove water or clove tea, you can improve the quality of your sperms. In the long run, this helps to rid of your infertility issues. 

clove benefits for men

How to use it? 

With all the benefits right across your face, the immediate question that arises is – how do you take it? For men especially with a sweet tooth – cloves can be added to cakes and pies or one can take it via homemade curries and stews. 

For those men who enjoy their tea – adding 2 teaspoons of ground clove into your tea and drinking it on a regular basis is a great boost. 

Last but not least – for men who like a hot bath before they get into the act, just drop some cloves into the warm bath and soak yourself up. A warm bath and a warm night ahead – why miss? 

#Just Know – In case you have surgery coming up or taking certain medications for your blood sugar levels – do consult a doctor before you consume this. Also, do limit the amount to a maximum of 2 teaspoons or 2 twigs if you consume clove regularly. 

How was this information? Hope you found the answer to clove benefits for men in a jiffy! If this was good for you, how about sharing this link with your fellow morning walker tomorrow? A happy home beside you is always a bonus!!