How to choose a French Bulldog puppy

The French Bulldog breed is one of the most popular breeds among people looking for a companion dog. Compact, agile, and friendly animals are suitable for keeping both in the house and in the apartment and get along well with children and other pets if properly socialized. The breed is considered decorative. Therefore, it is not suitable for aviary or outdoor keeping.

In this article, we’ll suggest how to choose a French bulldog puppy, and what to look for when buying a puppy. But first, we advise you to read about the features of the breed, the most reliable information, as a rule, is in articles on the websites of nurseries. For example, on our site:

The breed is also distinguished by emotionality, which allows them to be empathetic. When picking a good puppy in a kennel, it is worth waiting until the animals get used to the presence of strangers and begin to behave naturally. So, it will be easier to determine the character of the dog and pick it for your lifestyle.

What to ask the breeder

Attention to detail in communicating with the seller allows you to pick the best puppy. It is recommended to evaluate the manner of communication, interest in selling, and advising future owners. It is worth clarifying the presence of health problems, documentation, and pedigree.

French Bulldogs live for about 10-13 years and have good immunity. But a feature of the breed is frequent food allergies, as well as difficulties with thermoregulation, which can cause hypothermia or heat stroke. In addition, the features of the muzzle affect the fact that bulldogs snore in their sleep. There may also be genetic diseases transmitted from the dog’s parents. The presence of the entire pedigree guarantees purebredness.

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A good breeder will not only mention all the features, but he will ask future owners about the conditions of detention and lifestyle. In addition, you can chat with other owners who purchased a dog in the same kennel.