4 Outfit Ideas For Your Next Brunch Date

‘Brunch’ is a term used to imply a mix of breakfast and lunch. It’s become quite a popular slang, especially over the weekend when you’d want to take it easy and not be up too early for breakfast, but also not too late for it to be considered as lunch. If you’re going on a brunch date, it means you have to be comfortable without looking frumpy as you would in joggers, for instance.

‘Brunch’ is made for relaxed and easy conversations. So, anything goes, really, particularly as far as fashion is concerned. When dressing for it, you have to be ready for whatever may come next. If the date goes well, perhaps, you’ll both take things further by going on weekend activities, accompanying each other to your errands, or even an early afternoon coffee date. Style experts have penetrated this ‘brunch’ time, too, so you’ll know what women’s fashion clothing online Australia pieces to shop for, or, basically, which fashion items you ought to purchase anywhere you may be in the world.

Here are a couple of outfit ideas that you can use to dress to impress and make a good first impression on your next brunch date:


  • Cover Up With A Classic Brown Trench Coat

First on this list is something for the colder season. You may be tempted to cuddle up indoors over the weekend when it’s cold, but if you’ve been asked out on a brunch date (and you really, really have high hopes about the person), then don’t use the cold as an excuse to skip it. (Ambien) Make it to that date and do so in style.

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This is where the classic brown trench coat comes in. It’s light enough to make it great for the day, as it’s not too black and heavy, which is best for evening dates. The brown trench is also a good add-on to any casual outfit, like a white knit or white long-sleeved shirt tucked in neatly in brown pants and finished off with a slim belt. 

If the brunch location is a tad bit formal, this is the perfect opportunity to wear bright stilettos or wedges. If it’s more like a hip café date, stick to nice flats.

  • Bright-Colored Or Printed Shirt Dress

Because it’s a daytime date, this is the perfect time to play around with colors and prints. Shirt dresses will always be a favorite and easy outfit, one which you don’t even have to put a lot of thought into. 

To make it a little bit extra, you can finish off the look with nice accessories, like colorful jewelry or a scarf. Flats or sneakers are no-fail choices for footwear.

  • Denim Overalls

If you have a denim jumpsuit or overalls in your closet waiting to be used, now’s the perfect time to bring it out. Or, you can go denim on denim.

Nothing else illustrates relaxing and easy weekends than a denim outfit does. Choose soft denims to avoid the stiff and tight feeling that darker denims tend to produce.

Because denim is a plain pattern per se, don’t be afraid to add pops of color here and there. You can either have a colored bag or printed footwear. A nice belt can also be an added touch to break the monotony of having denim from top-to-bottom. It’s also a great way to show off your figure. If the brunch date is during spring or summer, this is the perfect time to wear sandals, if you please.

  • Matching Co-Ords
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In the past, there was that emphasis of mixing-and-matching different clothing pieces to come up with looks. Nowadays, there’s a trend that sits well in the brunch and weekend dressing category: matching co-ords.

Here’s why: there’s no need to overthink your outfit. Matching co-ords are sets where you have both the top and the bottom in the same fabric, usually linen. While matching, they’re still stylish without looking too much like a uniform.

Co-ords are great for brunch dates as you have a whole outfit put together right away. There are so many different combinations and versions of co-ords, like a cropped smocked top and high-waisted linen pants, skirt, or shorts, maxi skirts and puffed tops, or sleeveless and backless tops with shorts and pants. Also, the colors are as diverse as the styles, too. This means you’re sure to find a combination that’ll suit your style preference.

Final Style Tips

Having received an invitation to a brunch date over the weekend may be a big deal to you!  It’s a lot more casual than the usual dinner date, so it significantly entails less stress when it comes to dressing up. This means skipping the oversized sweaters and joggers you may have leaned on to for easy weekend outfits. Being comfortable in your clothes doesn’t mean losing your sense of style, and the style tips above can help you be that stylish lady while on a brunch date with friends or a special someone.