Australian Bikinis: A Mix And Match Guide

A mix and match bikini can add style to your swimwear wardrobe. You don’t have to purchase to make a complete pair. You can stretch your creativity by selecting the tops and bottoms differently for a more personalized look. Picking the right color enables you to look creative and develop confidence. You’ll always leave people in awe whenever sunbathing on the beach with your hand-picked pair. That said, here are eight tips to guide you when mixing and matching Australian Bikinis:  

1.Match Neutral Bottoms With Bright Tops

Combining neutral bottoms with a bright top is a timeless mix and match rule of thumb popular among fashionistas for bikinis and many other outfits. It’s an effortless way to leave fellow beachgoers admiring your sexy curves. 

So, locate reliable modern stores selling Australian Bikinis and carefully select your tops and bottoms. It’d be best to confirm whether they allow you to personalize your bikini by choosing the top and bottom separately. A grey bottom plus pink top is a fantastic color combo. 

2. Mix Solid Colors And Prints

Mixing a solid color with prints can be one way of looking sassy in your bikinis. It enables you to break away from dark colors that don’t bring out your gorgeousness—a solid-colored bottom and a printed top work the magic in most cases. But you can turn things around and wear printed panties and a solid bra. That’s an opportunity to prove to the masses your fashion sense.


3. Keep Similar Color But Change Styles

This is yet another option to spice up your looks. You can pick bikini pieces with similar shades but different styles for different days. If your favorite color is grey, you can spot a monokini, then a tankini, trikini, sling bikini, or skirtini the following days. You can also mix prints but ensure you select colors that complement each other; otherwise, you may end up not looking attractive.

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4. Stick To A Theme


Mix and match bikinis require one to implore a lot of creativity, especially if it’s what you’ve decided to wear to liven your summer. So, always try to stay in the theme to pull off an appealing look. If you don a floral panty, match it with a floral bra. Combining abstract art with animal prints or floral patterns may look less attractive. 

5. Do Not Mix Similar Colors

If your aim is pulling off a mix-and-match look, you must be careful not to wear similar colors. They may overshadow the style you’re trying to portray. For instance, if you purchase a purple top, don’t combine it with a purple bottom. You can pick a slightly different purple shade to match the top but still pull off the mix-and-match feel. 

6. Match Tops And Bottoms Of Similar Coverage

Matching the level of exposure for the tops and bottoms prevents you from looking out of place. If you’ve decided to wear a revealing undie, the bra should be revealing too; not one modest and the other raunchy. Consistency is the key to ensuring you stand out.


7. Consider Your Skin And Hair Color

Your bikini color should complement your skin and hair, not compete with them. It’s a fashion faux pas to pick bikini colors similar to your skin tone or hair color. So, consider your skin and hair color when mixing and matching bikinis to ensure you look good in your chosen pair.

If you have red hair, brown, orange, green, and teal bikinis can complete your look. On the other hand, dark colors should do if you have blonde hair, but you can still try silver, red, turquoise, or blue. Also, with black or brown hair, medium or dark colors like blue, purple, and plums work well. Here are additional points on color selection:

  • Choose light colors to draw attention: Light colors can draw a lot of attention to your legs since people won’t simply look at your undie but also admire your beauty.
  • Choose a dark color to hide insufficiencies: If you’re not comfortable with showing off your bikini area, you can conceal it by wearing dark colors. Alternatively, if you have a large bust, you can consider dark shades for your top. 
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8. Pick The Same Material And Quality

Matching the materials for your tops and bottoms is critical to ensuring your bikini’s longevity and classiness. Premium quality materials allow you to ski, swim, or play beach volleyball without worrying about wear and tear. Consider picking tops and bottoms of the same material; not one cotton and the other polyester, or one classy and the other inferior quality.

Extra Tips On Selecting A Top And A Bottom

To complement the above points, here are further guidelines on selecting tops and bottoms:

  • Tops:
      • Choose wide tops with adequate coverage to support a large bust
      • You can put on tops with dark hues if you’d want your bust to look smaller. 
      • Wear light colors to make your bust look bigger in case you have smaller ones.
  • Bottoms:
    • Pick a bright color bottom to make your butt look bigger.
    • Select a high-cut bottom that circles your hipbone to make your legs look longer.
    • If you’d like to make your butt look smaller, you can go for dark-colored bottoms. 


Mixing and matching Australian bikinis are perfect for making bold fashion statements at the beach. While at it, don’t listen to naysayers about what they think you should be wearing. Experiment as much as you can. And if possible, get out of your comfort zone by trying cuts and prints you’ve never tried before. Ultimately, you’ll identify pieces that perfectly jazz up your looks and leave heads turning.