The top 5 of the best drugstore liquid eyeliner to check out!

When Frankie Vallie had crooned – “You’re just too good to be true, Can’t take my eyes off you…” – there wasn’t a heart that did not skip a beat. After all, the beauty of a woman’s eyes has left many a man mesmerized for centuries. It was a mirror to her heart, an intimate connection with her mind, and surely an affair of a lifetime. To make up those eyes – has been an art for centuries. How about looking toward enhancing those eyes – with a dash of black? Here is a list of the best drugstore liquid eyeliner – a mode to amplify the charm of that look!

Before you decide to go to the store to pick up one of the eyeliners, check this list and decide which one suits your taste the best!

List of the best drugstore liquid eyeliner

To transform yours into that perfect cat’s eyes – all you need is the right twisting of the wrist and a perfect black liquid to match your hand movements. This walkthrough will help you in that –

best drugstore liquid eyeliner

1. Get In Line Liquid Eyeliner by Covergirl

You know your charm and how to amplify it. Here’s the Covergirl liquid eyeliner to assist you. Black, thin and smooth – that’s what this eyeliner promises. For all those looking forward to having a winged look or a set of ultra-thin lines – this eyeliner will support your needs! Apply it over a shadow or a primer and see what it does to your eyes!!

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Why would you want it? 

Because they are available in multiple glittery hues, such as – Teal and Black Crystal, as well as the matte chestnut colour of Bold Brown. Its feather point tip and contour grip give you the precision you want!! It is easy to dry and easy to remove – liquid liner.

2. Perfect Point Plus Liquid Liner by Covergirl

Want the ‘oomph’ factor but not without the timelessness? Covergirl is here with you. You will have to check out the point plus range of liquid liners specifically designed with an – angled felt tip! No smudge – No spread – No obscurity – this, notably ranked among the best drugstore liquid eyeliner available, is here to soften your eyes or go dramatic!!

Why would you want it? 

This is high in pigment presence and has shown to last up to 12 hours (as per clinical tests – never tested on animals). It is waterproof. What’s more? It has an integrated self-sharpener to ensure that the nib is just perfect, always!! This is the pen for smoky eye base, so if you choose from black onyx or the brown sable form, you will be able to pull off the look!

3. Flash Cat Eyeliner by L’oreal Paris

L’oreal Paris just doesn’t know how to put off its customers. They are Greek God parfait!! This stencil and brush combined eyeliner are – long-lasting, free of parabens, and sure environment-friendly (cruelty tested). This eyeliner prides itself on being highly pigmented, and its applicator is of the felt-tip type – so for those looking to reinforce their winged eye look, this is the one for which you are ‘worthy’!

best drugstore liquid eyeliner
Image Credit: Tata CliQ

Why would you want it? 

You want it sharp – the wing applicator will help you. You want the wings – the integrated stencil will show you how! Because – you are ‘‘worth it!”

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4. Epic Wear Liquid Liner by NYX

Touted as one of the best drugstore liquid eyeliner, this is truly epic and completely justifies the name!! This matches up to all the demands of a perfect eyeliner – waterproof, smudge-free, precision tip, and whatnot!! In fact, in multiple test sessions – it has proven to last up to 3 days! That’s quite unbelievable.

Why would you want it? 

Simply because of the above-mentioned points and the range of shades in which they are available. You can fall for the pointed brush applicator or the shades of brown, purple, and yellow – the choice is yours!!

5. The Classic Liquid Eyeliner by Jason Wu Beauty

What would you expect when a fashion designer ventures into the world of beauty? Nothing less than a classic!! He delivers what he promises, and here comes a cruelty-free and vegan liquid eyeliner that just gives you the perfect pair of vision. best drugstore liquid eyeliner

Why would you want it? 

It has the perfect brush applicator to make all the lines smooth and rolling. It is also – high on pigment, long-lasting, and waterproof!

So, which type are you? The novice, the mature woman, or just the one who makes the best fashion statement even on her worst day? In either case – pick up one of the best drugstore liquid eyeliner and check if it suits your eyes. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this list, do post them here. Eager to receive your views! Till then, lock your eyes – where it is to be locked!!