Productivity Hacks for Managing a Side Hustle Around a Busy Schedule

Side hustles are incredibly popular. It’s thought that over 90% of working Americans have a side hustle of some kind, whether it’s a hobby that makes a little pocket money or a home business that they hope to turn into a career one day. 

If you don’t have a side hustle, you might be wondering what you are missing out on. A money earner on the side is certainly a great way to supplement your income, but how are you meant to fit it in around a full-time job and busy home life? These productivity hacks can help. 

Use the Right Tech

Having the right technology and gadgets makes running a side hustle so much easier. At home, Lenovo Ryzen 7 PCs are ideal when it comes to working productively. A good smartphone or tablet is key for working on the go, and the right apps can help you schedule and even automate your tasks. 

The tools that you need will depend on your business, but if you are looking for a way to make something easier or faster, there’s usually an app. If not, why not create one?

Don’t Sit Down to Work without a Plan

How often, when you sit down at the computer, do you waste time checking emails, looking at social media, and otherwise idly scrolling and surfing? If you are short on time, you need to be more efficient when you sit down to work. Whether you are going to be at the computer for hours, or you’re sending a quick email during your break at the office, never sit down without a clear plan of what you are going to do. 

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Get Up Earlier

Most of us are guilty of saying things like “I’ll do it when I get home” only to find that we’re tired after a day at work and that we end up leaving tasks for weeks. Getting up earlier, fitting some side hustle tasks in before work, or even doing some household chores and exercise, to free up more time later, will help you to get more done, and reduce the risk of putting things off. 

Use Dead Time Efficiently

If you are guilty of filling dead time while you wait for a meeting, sit on a bus, or even wait for the microwave to ping by playing games or scrolling social media on your phone, ask yourself if you could make better use of this time. In a spare few minutes, you could read a helpful article, send an email, reply to comments on your side-hustle social feeds, or write a to-do list for later. 

Keep larger chunks of free time, like that hour you read or watch TV in the evening, as this is important self-care. But try to use those small bits of free time more effectively. 

The best thing about side hustles is that they can usually be flexible. It’s okay to take a break if you are stressed out, busy at work, or have a lot going on at home. It’s equally okay to give your side hustle more focus during a quieter period. For best results, many people try to find a way to earn a passive income that will keep bringing in some cash even when they take time away from it.