Is your career leading to drug abuse? Study unveils the jobs most at risk

No matter what job you’re in, there are stresses that come with work. For many, it feels a part of the job, but it really shouldn’t be. A healthy work-life balance is required with most jobs to ensure both your physical and mental health remain stable and you enjoy what life has to offer outside of your career.

However, across the world that is far from the case, with many people falling into alcohol or drug addiction, and many people who then end up in drug rehab unravelling that the source of their addiction is the workplace.

But what exactly are the jobs that are most likely to lead to addiction?

Many studies have been done to try and uncover this, and it does appear that there is a problem across the board with just under one in 10 people that work full time using alcohol heavily, while it’s also a similar number for using illicit drugs too.

Interestingly, there were certain industries where alcohol and drug usage were much more prevalent though. 

Alcohol Usage in the Workplace

According to the study, when it came to alcohol usage in a month prior to it, there were a number of industries in which saw higher volumes of alcohol intake amongst employees within it.

Mining and construction were the top two industries that suffer most with alcohol abuse, while it’s perhaps no surprise to see the food service industry high on the bill too given the notable reports around alcohol and drug usage within it. 

At the other end of the spectrum, healthcare and social assistance perhaps surprisingly saw the lowest amount of heavy alcohol usage, with education and public administration also among the industries less likely to see people turn to drink.

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The Top Five:

  1. Mining: 17.5%
  2. Construction: 16.5%
  3. Hospitality: 11.8%
  4. Art, Entertainment and Recreational: 11.5%
  5. Utilities: 10.3%

Drug Usage in the Workplace 

When it came to illicit drug usage, there was a shift in the industries that used them heavily, with hospitality sitting at the very top with 19.1% of the workforce using drugs. Arts and entertainment followed, with more white collar industries also prevalent.

Interestingly, mining, which sees employees suffer most with alcohol abuse, is among the industries that are less likely to see people take to drugs, with just 5% doing so, with public administration the industry where it is least likely.

The Top Five:

  1. Hospitality: 19.1%
  2. Arts, Entertainment and Recreational: 13.7%
  3. Management: 12.1%
  4. Information: 11.7%
  5. Construction: 11.6%